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  2. Trumba T2 is replacing Trumba Classic with a brand new, intuitive, and more mobile responsive admin user interface (UI). If you are interested in having the T2 beta activated on your account, please contact Trumba Support
  3. This is the correct syntax for a URL-encoded query string and in this example, search for the keyword: holiday https://www.yoursite.com/calendar.html?trumbaEmbed=search%3Dholiday
  4. The code on your page is being encoded so it’s showing as text and not being run as javascript. You will need to add the script as javascript and not regular text. Here is a help topic https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543167 that gives instructions on how to add scripts.
  5. We have Trumba javascript spud code embedded on Squarespace, however the Trumba calendar and control spuds are not displaying. We aren't sure what the problem is.
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