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    Hi there, I'm having a lot of trouble with font settings for a new calendar. I somehow managed to set the font size for the location and time of events in my tiled view very large, while the event name is small: http://www.wcl.govt.nz/maori/rauemi/te-reo-classes.html (Hosted view here: https://www.trumba.com/calendars/te-reo-classes) Are you able to help me find where to look to fix this? I've combed through the calendar styles and icons, default spud view styles etc. and the same for the tiled spud, with no luck. Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated! Many thanks, Celeste
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  4. All feeds from published calendars in Trumba, including the JSON feeds, must originate from the Trumba domain as the event data is stored on the Trumba servers. Thanks, Steve
  5. Hi All... I am working on Schema for my website. As of now, I can retrieve my json with the trumba domain : https://www.trumba.com/calendars/xxx123.json ; I need to have it come from my domain: How can I accomplish this: https://www.MyDomain.com/calendars/xxx123.json or being able to to the same for any of the other feeds? and, ...Has anyone been successful with your trumba calendar and Structured Data? Thanks, Norman
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