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  2. Trumba will be disabling support for TLS 1.1 in February 2020. If this impacts you, please ensure your import code is TLS 1.2 enabled and this way you will not be impacted by this change.
  3. SAML metadata with InCommon includes the single logout endpoint. This is available to InCommon member universities. These attributes (displayName and mail) that is requested from identity providers.
  4. If you secure your calendar by requiring sign in with a visitor account, and if supported by your identity provider, you can change the default domain used with event actions for your calendar to trumba.com. Using trumba.com as the domain for event actions can improve performance for visitors applying single sign out. To change the domain used for event actions: Sign in to the appropriate publisher administrator account. On the left, under Other Tasks, click Customize Event Actions. On the Settings tab, in the Domain section, select trumba.com rather than eventactions.com. Click OK. SSO Help Topic
  5. Trumba T2 is replacing Trumba Classic with a brand new, intuitive, and more mobile responsive admin user interface (UI). The beta is now active on all Trumba accounts. You will now see at the top of the page you can click the link “Try the T2 beta”. We hope to have all Trumba users moved over to the new user interface by mid-2020. When you click on this, your interface will switch to the new admin interface. This is not a different or test environment, so everything you do is still live. If you want to revert back to Classic, go to the upper right corner and in the drop down select Trumba Classic We can enable it on other accounts when you are ready or if you feel there are some other users that you would like to have access this that may also be able to provide feedback. You can also click on Transition Settings if you, as the Publisher account holder, can transition all of your users over at once if you would like to do so. Aside from the significant speed and processing improvements, T2 includes several important new features. Learn more: T2 admin user interface.
  6. This is the correct syntax for a URL-encoded query string and in this example, search for the keyword: holiday https://www.yoursite.com/calendar.html?trumbaEmbed=search%3Dholiday Here is a help topic with more information on setting up Filter Views in Trumba.
  7. The code on your page is being encoded so it’s showing as text and not being run as javascript. You will need to add the script as javascript and not regular text. Here is a help topic https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543167 that gives instructions on how to add scripts.
  8. We have Trumba javascript spud code embedded on Squarespace, however the Trumba calendar and control spuds are not displaying. We aren't sure what the problem is.
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