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  1. I have been unable to view my published calendar for 2 days. All of the supporting objects seem to load correctly, but the calendar itself is not shown. I receive numerous browser errors on the page. UPDATE - In the publish settings for this calendar, I am getting an error about a secure key and password, even though this is a public calendar. I am unable to make changes to these as well, there is a page error here as well. Also, I have other published calendars that are working just fine.
  2. In Table and List views, it would be helpful to have control over the format of the start and end dates presented so that day of week could be displayed. Alternatively, an additional column could be made available that contains the day of the week.
  3. I understand real estate is limited in the month view and therefore, limited details are presented for each item in that view. I would like to see the location information (or better yet, selectable fields) in the tooltip.
  4. Planzo.com, another online calendaring tool has an example of the popup idea I was talking about for an individual event. Just position the mouse over an event.
  5. I would like to see an option to embed the calendar display that normally is seen on the right side of a published calendar. - the current day could be highlighted in a different color - a brief list of events would pop up if the mouse was positioned over a day - a detailed day view, or classic view would pop up if a day was clicked This display would take very little room on a website and it would be very easy to predict the size of the embeded display.
  6. I can imagine a situation where I would want to publish a calendar with a mix in of a calendar that I do not own or control. If I am publishing a family calendar, and would like to include holidays. I am subscribed to the holiday calendar, but it is not included as a mix in option when I publish a calendar I have created.
  7. System Maintenance

    Unfortunately, I was also unable to access the forums. I was unable to access any trumba.com sites. I use Firefox as my browser (v1.0.6) and am able to use the site without any problems now. I was able to access other websites during the time I was unable to access Trumba. I also attempted to access the site using Internet Explorer during this time and was unable to do so. I access the site via a cable modem from outside Chicago. Thanks for any insight you can give me.
  8. System Maintenance

    Trumba availability... I was anable to access trumba for two days this weekend, I could not even access the www.trumba.com website. I see there was some maintenance that occurred late Friday, are these related? Again, no warning, no explaination?
  9. System Maintenance

    I am half way through my trial membership, however, I only really started using the product this week and it is amazing. I coach hockey and was planning on using the tool to publish schedules for my teams. Last night I finished selecting my team and I attempted to add my new players to an e-mail distribution list for my team calendar. To my surprise, the calendar was unavailable and I was receiving a generic IIS error. I attempted to go to www.trumba.com where I was notified that system maintenance was occuring. Thankfully, that lasted for only an hour or so. I am quite dismayed that there was no warning of such maintenance and that anyone trying to get to my calendar would not have recieved a message from Trumba, rather than a generic browser error. When I found these forums, I had hoped to see a discussion of the maintenance that occurred today, I don't. In the future, it would be nice to go to the forums when maintenance was occurring so we could get updates or estimates of downtime. It would also be nice to know that unless absolutely necessary, downtime would be scheduled for off hours.