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  1. Hi Jill, thanks for your reply. My boss invited me to share his calendar with him so I can schedule events for him. Every time I enter an event, I perform a "copy event" and I can see the duplicate entries on my screen. But, he can only see one entry on his screen. (I am seeing 2 entries, he's only seeing 1) He would like to see 2 entries for the same event so that he can grab & drop one of the entries into his Outlook calendar on his desktop, leaving the other to remain in Trumba. Does this make sense?
  2. I'm keeping a calendar for my boss and putting in double entries for all events so he can pull one of them into his Outlook calendar, and leave one on Trumba calendar. I have double entries for all events, but he's only seeing one entry. How can I ensure that he will see two entries? I'm using the pull-down option "copy event." Any thoughts?
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