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  1. I've been having a problem with an event that is happening over a two month time period displaying properly in the Upcoming Fader promotion spud. I want the event to just display one time because there are other events that also need to cycle through. I want them to display one at a time in the spud. However, because I have the event dates set as January 5-February 18, it wants to display the event for each day of the set including dates that have already passed. This then looks like the same event is running over and over and takes forever for the other events to display. If I change the sett
  2. I am using a custom event type and have added three additional custom fields. The Description field was already included. My problem is that when viewing the event details, I realize that the full Description field is not displaying. I have tried to find the place to increase the Max Length of this field, but cannot find it... any assistance is appreciated.
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