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  1. If I understand posts regarding this subject, shared calendars that are read only can not be published by the other (read only) person. If this is true, my vote is to keep it this way. I am making a calendar for several people to assign work loads. It is confidential information. I have advised them to create (on their calendar account) a personal calendar and a work calendar. Share the work calendar with my master. Link their events into their personal calendar. Unavaiable days, link back to their work calendar. So far test results give me: their unavaiable days in my master. They have a personal calendar that shows their work load and have only one calendar to keep track of; their personal one. Now the big question. If they publish the personal calendar the work items from my master will not show up? Next big question. If they share their personal calendar with another party or e-mail their personal calender or share the work (duplicate of my master) will it show up? Explanation in order: The reason for the work calendar in their account is to see all the team and total work load.
  2. I am ready to purchase seven accounts. Individuals will use their own company card to purchase. I am already into the current calendar deep and want to maintain that calendar under a different email address. Other than export and import, can I change the e-mail address before purchase?
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