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  1. Got it to work. For those that need help and found this post, here is the thread for your help.... http://forums.trumba.com/index.php?showtopic=828
  2. I have downloaded the EventPlus for Outlook and when I attempted to install, it gives me a message that says it can not install. The message in its total says: "This advertised application will not be intalled because it might be unsafe. Contact you adminitrator to change the insatllation user interface option of the package to basic." The install program I have is: EventPlusSetup.exe Please help with the settings I need to change to make the install work. This computer is a home computer and there is no administrator -- except me and I have told the computer I am the administrator but it dont seem to listen.. lol Thank you for your help SignsByScott@comcast.net
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