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  1. Hi Jill, Thanks for looking into it and the clarification. Much appreciated.
  2. thanks Jill. I look forward to knowing more about what's going on with that. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I've tested the Text Message feature a few times over the last couple months and I'm not sure if I'm receiving all the information I'm supposed to. A few minutes ago, I went to the NY Times website and I chose the "Txt me event info" option for a couple different events. The first event, I received on my cell phone, The Event Title, Date, and City/State. The second event, I received part of the title, Date, Start time, Building name and Part of the address. This was mixed in with some html coding such as ? instead of the quotation marks indicated in the listing. Now, I'm assuming that if the number of characters in the listing exceeds the limit for a cellular carrier it would cut things off, but at the same time send the remainder in a second follow-up text message. I'm not sure if the Trumba system is supposed to be sending the "Notes" for the specific event, or if it just takes whatever is the top information from the listing. Just in case it matters, I use a Palm Treo, but tested it out on my Sony Ericsson, as well. Could you let me know what the process is and if this is what is supposed to happen when texting event info? Thanks.
  4. It seems that every week there are new updates that happen with the Trumba software. I'm wondering if you automatically send Trumba Users a weekly (or whatever duration) emails with those updates that you have made. As i'm looking to integrate this into my new website I need to know if you will continually keep me updated of those changes somehow.