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  1. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to update all instances of a specific field within an event calendar, without having to open each specific event individually. For example, if I add a custom field to my event, titled "Price", is there a way for me to fill that field with the same price, from a central location, in order to save the time it would take to edit each individual event, since they will all cost the same.
  2. One more question-- is there a way for me to edit the color of the PREV and NEXT tabs? The light blue color they sit on in my site makes them a little hard to read.. i assume they would change color if i changed the overall color scheme, however I am happy with the rest of the color scheme. Thanks Steve
  3. Thanks for you quick reply, Jill. I was unable to reproduce the overflow setting you suggested on my site, probably due to the same css issue which threw off the calendar width to begin with. I was, however, able to solve the problem by using an iframe to pull the content into the page. This seems to override the width issue, and the calendar now displays as I intended. I still have some cross-browser testing to do, but this seems to have done the trick. I will be in touch if I need any more help. Thanks alot, Steve
  4. Hi, We are currenty looking into developing calendar system for a client (a local waterpark) who would like to be able to, on their end, make event changes to a master calendar, which would then be fed into individual pages for the different types of events they hold. Trumba seems to be a good option for doing this, and offers the control over the calendar system required. The problem I am having involves the process of actually embedding the spuds into the prexisting pages for the site. The 'list' calendar view seems to be most appropriate in terms of information offered and how its structured, however I have been unable to format it such that the prev \ next \ print \ subscribe \rss options at the top are not forced together in an overlapping manner. I have tried using the div overflow method described in the faq, but this does not alleviate the problem. For the purposes requested by the client, it seems as if we could do without the print and subscribe options, if need be, but I have been equally unable to find any way to gain control over these options. You can view an example of the problem I am experiencing here: http://www.sandcastlewaterpark.com/cal_jukebox.php Thanks for your help, Steve
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