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  1. There are a few ways that you can do this. One way is to select the event in Trumba and then select the Event Registration tab. From here you will see the registration details for this event along with the option to "Export Registration Data" as a CSV file. Another option is to select "Registration Report" under "Other Tasks", which you will find listed on the main Trumba interface page below your calendar listing on the left part of the screen. You can select the Calendar from the drop down menu and then specify a date range and then either run a report or download as a CSV file. This report will show you all event registration data for all events for the specified calendar. If you have a Trumba account you can also use our API and run a Registration Feed: http://www.trumba.com/help/api/regservicefeeds.aspx
  2. summary field

    Joe, With any custom field that you create, it can either be published (appear with the event) or hidden. There currently is not a way to have a custom field display both ways. I have gone ahead and submitted this as a feature request. Thanks, Steve
  3. read more link

    Hi Joe, I am pretty sure this is going to end up being a feature request, however please provide me more details on where/which spud(s) you would like to see this on. Thanks! Steve
  4. confirmation email

    Hi Joe, This is a feature request that the development team is aware of. If you want to send me an email at support@trumba.com I can forward that on to the development team as well on your behalf. Thanks, Steve
  5. Description Field Length

    By default the Description field will display all of the text when you view the Event Details from a published calendar. If you are referring to the character limit for the Description field when viewing a calendar, there is a default of 10,000 characters for the Description field. When viewing the Classic Table view, the default is to display 1,000 characters, however this can be increased/decreased by selecting Edit Settings & Styles for the Classic Table calendar view on the Calendar Spuds tab.
  6. Calendar Hosting by Trumba

    We recommend keeping your account with bluehost.com, this way when you create your website and webpages you can embed the Trumba spud (javascript) code within your own HTML pages. Within Trumba you can customize the styles and settings for each of the spuds so it becomes "branded" with the look and feel of your site. With your Trumba subscription, we do host your data. So all of your event information is stored on our servers and the spud code embedded on your site makes calls to our servers to display the spuds and events. We also do provide a complimentary Hosted calendar page for every published calendar. While limited in the spuds it can display and the layout options, it is useful for customers who do not have the ability to embed the spud code within their own webpages and instead just link to the hosted view provided by Trumba. Here is a link to a help file that goes in to a little more detail on publishing a calendar from Trumba.
  7. Event Mail, which includes the Announcement, 1st Reminder and 2nd Reminder is intended to be used if you have set up an event and you would like to send the event information to a group of people on a distribution list to promote an event. If visitors have already registered for an event and you have created a custom registration form, you have the option of making sure people who register recieve an email confirmation about their registration. We do not provide another email that goes out as an announcement or reminder to people once they have signed up for an event. When a visitor registers for the event, they are presented with the option of having an email reminder sent to them "x" days before the event starts. Within the Event Registration tab you can also manually set up and send an email reminder to all registrants.
  8. At this time we only support emails sent in HTML format. regards, Steve
  9. Add map link

    If there are specific countries and cities within Africa that you need to have map data provided for, please let us know and we can put in a request to see if it is available! Thanks, Steve
  10. While some editor accounts are able to create calendars within their accounts, they cannot publish these calendars. If you have an editor that needs to publish a calendar you will want to convert the Editor account to a Publisher account. The Editor accounts are available for users who only need to add, delete and change events. If calendars need to be created that will be published, you want to create these on the Publisher account and then share the calendars with the Editors and give the Editor the right to Add, Delete and Change events.
  11. html in notes section

    Hi Joe, Sorry for the delayed response on this one! I have submitted this to the dev team to see if this is an easy fix for them to make. Stay tuned! Thanks, Steve
  12. Spud Widths

    Hi Michael, From what I can tell your site does appear to be working correctly now:) Thanks, Steve
  13. The code you're using looks correct. I tested your code on IE7 by pasting it into a local .htm file. When I opened that file, I had to "allow blocked content" because I hit an address-bar warning message about ActiveX controls. After that, it loaded fine, I could see the spud and the events OK. So you might want to check your browser security settings to make sure it allows activex controls.
  14. The URL looks suspicious. Make sure you have the following on your page with the $Trumba.addspud call: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.trumba.com/scripts/spuds.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">
  15. confirmation email

    If you hit the publish button, Event Submission From tab, edit settings, you will see everything you can customize. You can completely replace content but you can customize the email.
  16. Change order of custom field values

    By default, custom field values are listed alphabetically. While alphabetical order often makes sense, in some situations a custom sort order makes it quicker for editors to add events and easier for visitors to scan category lists. You can apply a custom sort order to any list of choices custom field. Here is a Help topic with more details on how to set this up.
  17. We do cache the events for a period of 10 minutes. Typically if you delete the browser cache and close/restart the browser, or even open up the calendar page in another browser (FireFox or Internet Explorer) it will force a refresh. Also if you change your filter view or click the Prev/Next buttons this will often force the refresh as well. If you are in your Trumba Account, you can go to Publish>Calendar Spuds tab and click Preview for each of the calendar previews and you will find that these views are not cached and will reflect the current event listings on your published calendar.
  18. Password protected calanders

    Hi Joe, This is not functionality that is built in to Trumba, however you could design a webpage where a visitor would "Sign-In" to your site and after they have been validated, you could then have an auto-generated email send that email address the password to your password protected calendar. Thanks, Steve
  19. We have been hearing about this issue from a few other clients recently where the spud displays “Calendar is temporarily unavailable” in Safari on the PC and Mac and I wanted to post an update for everyone. We found that with Safari, even though the spuds are embedded on the page, the spuds are not loading because it is not a valid HTML page. It’s probably missing the <html> and <head> tags. Other browsers are more forgiving, however without these tags it will cause issues in Safari. Thanks, Steve Trumba Support
  20. Hi Aaron, This was submitted as a feature request last week - sorry I didn't post a response letting you know. As with all feature requests this will go through our process so I cannot say when this feature would be available. Thanks, Steve
  21. Custom Fields in Submission Form

    Hi Joe, I just went in to your account and fixed this for you It looks like a setting on the Event Submission Form the following option was checked: "Include unpublished custom fields in submitter section". I unchecked this and it now appears correct. Thanks, Steve
  22. Hi- Our development team has tested this with FF3 on the Mac, however it displays fine for us What version of the operating system are you running with? There may be a compatibility issue here. Also, the image you referenced below did not come through. Can you send that again or email it to me at support@trumba.com. Thanks! Steve
  23. Hi Kevin, We have added the option that now allows you to Select All | None instead of having to select each email separately. Can you confirm that you are seeing this? If you do a select all and these are added do you still get the same behavior you described earlier where some addresses get added and others do not? Since we are not able to reproduce this behavior would you be willing to email me at support@corp.trumba.com the next time you are ready to perform this function? What I would like to do is review the existing distribution list on your account and see if I can reproduce this on your account. Let me know if this will work for you. Thanks, Steve
  24. Hi- Thanks for sending this information! I have forwarded this over to our development team to research further and I will provide you an update as soon as I hear more on this. Thanks, Steve
  25. Event Submission Form Questions

    The only workaround I can suggest for the time being is for you to customize the event submission form and include additional instructions in one of the three text fields (Before Submitter; After Submitter Info or Before Event Info sections). Here you could provide detailed instructions on how to fill out the form and what values to enter/provide into each field below. This may help clarify it for the users to help avoid confusion.