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  1. Hi Joe, This is not functionality that is built in to Trumba, however you could design a webpage where a visitor would "Sign-In" to your site and after they have been validated, you could then have an auto-generated email send that email address the password to your password protected calendar. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi Aaron, This was submitted as a feature request last week - sorry I didn't post a response letting you know. As with all feature requests this will go through our process so I cannot say when this feature would be available. Thanks, Steve
  3. I just went in to your account and fixed this for you as it looks like this setting on the Event Submission Form the following option was checked: "Include unpublished custom fields in submitter section". I unchecked this and it now appears correct.
  4. Hi Kevin, We have added the option that now allows you to Select All | None instead of having to select each email separately. Can you confirm that you are seeing this? If you do a select all and these are added do you still get the same behavior you described earlier where some addresses get added and others do not? Since we are not able to reproduce this behavior would you be willing to email me at support@corp.trumba.com the next time you are ready to perform this function? What I would like to do is review the existing distribution list on your account and see if I can reproduce this on your account. Let me know if this will work for you. Thanks, Steve
  5. The event submission form settings do allow you to hide some or all of the repeating options or pick and choose specific repeating patterns to hide; change the labels of most of the built-in fields and you can also set an option to set All Day as the default duration on the form. You can find these settings for the event submission form under Publish>Event Submission tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles. You can customize the event submission form and include additional instructions in one of the three text fields (Before Submitter; After Submitter Info or Before Event Info sections). Here you can provide detailed instructions on how to fill out the form and what values to enter/provide into each field below. This may help clarify it for the users to help avoid confusion.
  6. Joe, Glad to hear the Publish Start/End Date feature is working out for you! When setting up the Custom Field we do not have the option for a date format, however what you could do is set the field type to either single line of text or multiple lines of text. For the default value, enter in sample text showing the preferred format, for example: mm/dd/yy;mm/dd/yyyy; dd/mm/yy, etc. Thanks, Steve
  7. Hi Joe, In a way this should almost be treated as two events where the submission deadline is one event and the exhibition is another date. The only other solution I can suggest at this time to assist with the Submission Deadline would be for you to create a custom field, and set this custom field to be visible on the event submission form (and possibly a hidden field so it is not published) and then make that field part of a custom event type. The submitter would still have to enter in a value for the Submission Deadline custom field and the Start/End Dates could be reserved for the actual exhibit dates/times. Once the event is submitted and you approve the event you would then have to edit the Start/End Dates to reflect the Submission Deadline information that was provided. You could also enter in the submission deadline information within the event title (not ideal I know) or enter it within the Notes field. Thanks, Steve
  8. You can locate this setting when you click Edit Settings & Styles for each of your calendar views when you go to the Publish>Calendar spuds tab. You will notice the option under the Navigation Buttons section to display the bottom navigation. This will allow the Prev/Next buttons to also be displayed at the bottom of the calendar view. If you would like to create your own buttons or use your own images for navigation, see more information here: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_icons.aspx
  9. Hi Joe, Sorry about that as there is one additional setting you need to make! Once you have set up your event types to include these predefined fields, you will want to check your published settings. Go to Publish>Publish Settings tab and then select Edit Publish Settings. On this page locate the Publish Settings section and you will see the option to "Honor publish start/end dates". Go ahead and set this to Yes and then click OK. Thanks, Steve
  10. Joe, I was just updating this post as we just released a new update last night so we now have the ability to set an event to have a publish start and end date. This may help you out. What you will need to do is edit your event types and select "Publish end date" and "Publish start date" from the Predefined Fields section and add these to your event type(s). The event would then go live on midnight of the start date and be removed at midnight at the end of the event. We do not have a "start time" or "end time". Thanks, Steve
  11. Hi Mark, We currently do not allow customization of the See All link that appears in the footer for the Promotion spuds. Let me run this by our dev team as a feature request. Thanks, Steve Trumba Support
  12. Here are links to help topics that go into more details: Trumba Help: Embed spuds, spud code, and API: https://www.trumba.com/help/toc_embedhome.aspx Trumba Help: Upcoming events spud API: https://www.trumba.com/help/api/upcomingapi.aspx Trumba Help: Calendar List spud API: https://www.trumba.com/help/api/mixinapi.aspx Trumba Help: Main calendar spud API: https://www.trumba.com/help/api/maincalapi.aspx Trumba Help: Date Finder spud API: https://www.trumba.com/help/api/datefinderapi.aspx Trumba Help: Month List spud API: https://www.trumba.com/help/api/monthlistapi.aspx Trumba Help: View Chooser spud API: https://www.trumba.com/help/api/viewchooserapi.aspx
  13. Hi, We currently do not offer text wrapping on the event details, however it is a feature request we have heard from a few clients in the past. I will go ahead and submit this again on your behalf Thanks, Steve
  14. Hi, We currently do not support image submission within the event submission form so I am not clear on how the option to have image "float" left or right would be of value or maybe I am not understanding your request(?) If you can provide more details that would be great! Thanks, Steve
  15. Thanks for this feedback on ways to improve the image library functionality. I know the dev team has long term plans to make this area of the product more robust, and I will be sure this feedback is relayed. As for deleting images that have not been used for a period of time, this is not something we plan on implementing as all event data is owned and controlled by the Trumba account holder. All event data will remain within the account until the account holder deletes the event, images or calendars from their accounts.
  16. Under Define Custom Fields/Define Fields & Objects, when you create and/or edit a custom field, as long as you have checked the option Allow this field to be published, that field will be available for that event template. The field will only display on the published calendar when data is entered for the field. Also, some calendar views may not display all of the custom fields. The event detail view and feeds will always show all custom fields if there is data in those custom fields.
  17. While you can export the registration list from an event that has registration, Trumba does not allow the registration data to be imported back in to a new event.
  18. Hi Kevin, I will talk to the dev team on this feature, however in the meantime, can you please send me the error message you get when you attempt to add the email addresses to groups? Thanks, Steve
  19. While we cannot attach files to events (only images can be uploaded and attached, you can link to any file within a weblink field or a free form text field and the Description field. For example, in the Description field (or any other free form text custom field you set up), if you want to link to a PDF or Word document for a conference, you could type in the following text Please <a href="https://www.domain.com/conference.pdf">click here</a> for additional information on this conference. When published, the words "click here" (or whatever text you choose) will be hyperlinked to the PDF file and that file will open and display in a new window. You can also use the web link field to enter in the URL for the file if the file or just enter in the URL in any text field: https://www.domain.com/conference.pdf If you have Trumba Connect, all multi-line text fields, including the Description field have an HTML editor. If you use the editor, it is much easier to attach the links to PDFs, brochures, Word docs, videos, etc. Google Drive is also supported, so you can upload files to a Google Drive and using the HTML editor, link to your files that are stored on Google Drive.
  20. We currently do not support the embedding of Trumba spuds into an email signature. It is a feature request we have on file, however even though email programs support HTML, there is currently not reliable support for javascript in email programs. You could provide a URL to your main calendar within the email signature as an alternative Thanks! Steve
  21. What I would recommend for this would be to use a Permalink. By using a Permalink you can embed the URL into a newsletter or email and it will link directly to the event detail page for the specific event. Thanks! Steve Trumba Support
  22. Our standard pricing for one Publisher account is $99.95 per month and Editor accounts are an additional $30 per month for each Editor. Editors can add, edit and delete events but not publish calendars from their accounts. You can have all calendars be published from one Publisher account and share out one or more calendars with the Editor accounts. Here is a link to our current Pricing page and a chart that compares the features available to both Publishers and Editors, that may help answer any additional pricing Our pricing page describes what you get when paying the monthly fee of $99.95 for Trumba Connect, which is the following: Hosted calendar software and event content management system. Frequent automatic updates and product enhancements. One Trumba Connect single user license. Technical support by phone, email, and the product support forum. Creation of unlimited number of calendars, templates and fields. Two complimentary clients service hours ($150/hour value) We also offer add-on features to your monthly subscription at an additional cost: Event Submission Form functionality Custom Objects Trumba Client Services Service Level Agreements If you have any additional information on pricing, please contact Trumba Sales at 1-800-925-0388. Trumba Connect is supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems using the most current versions of Edge, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome and Safari web browsers.
  23. Our only recommendation at this point is to set up these events without putting them as part of a repeating series or manually enter them throughout the year on the months that end up having a fifth Friday.
  24. Hi, There is currently not a way to order the field orders in a feed. The title will always appear first, followed by the location, date and then Notes. Following this will be the event type and any of the custom fields you may have set up for the event type that are part of the event, and the last field will be the web link to the event details if provided. Thanks! Steve
  25. Hi, I am not sure if this will save you much more time, however another idea for you is to use an RSS feed, as this is a very quick and easy way to capture the event data, including images as we just added images to RSS feeds a few weeks ago. To capture the feed, go to Publish and click on the Feeds tab and preview the RSS feed. One can also go to: http://www.trumba.com/calendars/<uniquewebname>.rss to view the RSS feed for any published calendar. With this feed you can copy and paste in to Constant Contact or Word for example and edit further if needed. I noticed that you have opted to hide the Calendar Actions Panel for your main calendar, which when visible, does allow a site visitor the option to subscribe to your RSS feed from your calendar. To show this you can select Publish>Calendar Spuds>and then select Edit Settings & Styles for the Main Calendar spud. From here, select the Calendar Actions Panel and change the Display to Show. Also, if you do decide to use the RSS feed for this purpose, you may notice with you calendar the RSS feed is a little slow to display as it appears there are some rather large images (in pixels) that are included as Event Images within the events on your calendar. Some of the larger ones I spotted are 578px x 392px; 600px x 986px and 568px x 696px, so they will take a few seconds longer to display in the feed. As a tip you may want to reduce those in size prior to importing into Trumba so they are closer to the actual display size you want them to appear on the calendar display. I hope this helps and it should at least save you some formatting time Regards, Steve Trumba Support
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