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  1. What I would recommend for this would be to use a Permalink. By using a Permalink you can embed the URL into a newsletter or email and it will link directly to the event detail page for the specific event. Thanks! Steve Trumba Support
  2. Our standard pricing for one Publisher account is $99.95 per month and Editor accounts are an additional $30 per month for each Editor. Editors can add, edit and delete events but not publish calendars from their accounts. You can have all calendars be published from one Publisher account and share out one or more calendars with the Editor accounts. Here is a link to our current Pricing page and a chart that compares the features available to both Publishers and Editors, that may help answer any additional pricing Our pricing page describes what you get when paying the monthly fee of $99.95 for Trumba Connect, which is the following: Hosted calendar software and event content management system. Frequent automatic updates and product enhancements. One Trumba Connect single user license. Technical support by phone, email, and the product support forum. Creation of unlimited number of calendars, templates and fields. Two complimentary clients service hours ($150/hour value) We also offer add-on features to your monthly subscription at an additional cost: Event Submission Form functionality Custom Objects Trumba Client Services Service Level Agreements If you have any additional information on pricing, please contact Trumba Sales at 1-800-925-0388. Trumba Connect is supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems using the most current versions of Edge, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome and Safari web browsers.
  3. Our only recommendation at this point is to set up these events without putting them as part of a repeating series or manually enter them throughout the year on the months that end up having a fifth Friday.
  4. Hi, There is currently not a way to order the field orders in a feed. The title will always appear first, followed by the location, date and then Notes. Following this will be the event type and any of the custom fields you may have set up for the event type that are part of the event, and the last field will be the web link to the event details if provided. Thanks! Steve
  5. Hi, I am not sure if this will save you much more time, however another idea for you is to use an RSS feed, as this is a very quick and easy way to capture the event data, including images as we just added images to RSS feeds a few weeks ago. To capture the feed, go to Publish and click on the Feeds tab and preview the RSS feed. One can also go to: http://www.trumba.com/calendars/<uniquewebname>.rss to view the RSS feed for any published calendar. With this feed you can copy and paste in to Constant Contact or Word for example and edit further if needed. I noticed that you have opted to hide the Calendar Actions Panel for your main calendar, which when visible, does allow a site visitor the option to subscribe to your RSS feed from your calendar. To show this you can select Publish>Calendar Spuds>and then select Edit Settings & Styles for the Main Calendar spud. From here, select the Calendar Actions Panel and change the Display to Show. Also, if you do decide to use the RSS feed for this purpose, you may notice with you calendar the RSS feed is a little slow to display as it appears there are some rather large images (in pixels) that are included as Event Images within the events on your calendar. Some of the larger ones I spotted are 578px x 392px; 600px x 986px and 568px x 696px, so they will take a few seconds longer to display in the feed. As a tip you may want to reduce those in size prior to importing into Trumba so they are closer to the actual display size you want them to appear on the calendar display. I hope this helps and it should at least save you some formatting time Regards, Steve Trumba Support
  6. Hi Larry, The calendar (digest) emails are not saved, however if you have customized the message of the email that will remain intact until you update it. You can always click on the Email button and add additional people to the distribution list and then click Send Next Email Now, and you will then be presented with an option to remove existing people from the distribution list for this specific mailing. I hope that helps! Steve Trumba Support
  7. When you set up an event that includes registration, the section that states "No registration information exists for this event" will appear until you have people signing up for the event that are providing you the information based on the contents of the registration form that is part of the event. What you also want to do is select the option to have Open Sign Up for the event and/or send invitations to register for this event so people know they need to sign up for the event. When you check "Open sign up for this event" you will see a Sign Up button next to the event title in most calendar views. You may also want to set a registration limit on this event, as well as set the maximum number of guests an attendee can bring to the event. Here are a few links to some Help files that goes into more details on setting up events with Event Registration: MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/events/eventinvite_how.aspx MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/events/eventinvite_manage.aspx
  8. We have support for International Date/Time formats. For additional information, please see the following topic: International Date/Time Formats
  9. Hi Joe, This is a new setting we just released last night Ongoing Events – We added special handling for ongoing events to display dates with a leading phrase such as Ongoing through Jan 1, 20xx. Ongoing events are multi-day events that started in the past but end in the future. The setting lets you omit the past start date and show the event date in a configurable format We appreciate this feedback and we hope to provide more custom settings in the future to control the display. For now, the clients who have been requesting this feature did want the start date to appear, which is why is it currently designed this way Currently this setting will display the events in the order of the start date of the event and they will appear higher in the list of events as they have already started, however I do understand your scenario and is one they did consider. This feature is turned on by default, so if you do not want to use the feature you do have the option to turn it off. We also released a new Date/Time format setting. The What’s New for this week’s release is posted at http://www.trumba.com/connect/webcalendars/whats_new.aspx If anyone has more feedback please let us know as I will be happy to forward on to the development team! regards, Steve Trumba Support
  10. Trumba supports international date formats and a variety of time formats, including 24-hour time format. To edit these settings, click on Publish and then select the Calendar Spuds tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles for each of your calendar views. Repeat the same steps for your Promotion spuds and Feeds. Spud Settings - Each spud (calendar views, promotion spuds, feeds) contains format settings for events as well as page headers and group headers when necessary. The default settings for spuds will match the existing format of each spud so you should see minimal changes to existing spud dates and times. Event Actions – Date format settings are available for the Event Action page by selecting Customize Event Actions under the OTHER TASKS section.
  11. I was doing some more research on this and have another idea for you that may work using the detaiBase and openInNewWindow spud properties. Here is a link to a Help topic on this: http://www.trumba.com/help/api/spudapi_properties.aspx Add openInNewWindow: "true" in conjunction with the detailBase property to open event details in a new window. When a visitor clicks an event link on the main spud, it jumps to new window displaying the page defined by detailBase to display the event details. Here is a link to an example of how the code will look: http://www.trumba.com/help/api/spudapi_properties.aspx#ex4 Thanks, Steve
  12. Hi, This is another feature request the dev team is aware of, however this one is currently set as a low priority as we are not hearing from our clients that it is critical. We currently do not have the option of allowing events to appear in a separate window away from the main calendar. Another issue to consider with this is that the user would also have to enable pop-ups on their browser which we try to avoid. Currently when a user clicks on an event to see the Event Details, there is a hyperlink at the bottom that states "Back to <your calendar>". Another idea is to provide the users some information on the calendar page with some tips on how to use the calendar that can be placed directly above the calendar on your webpage, not ideal, however it may help some folks. Thanks, Steve
  13. Hi, These are both great feature requests that we do hear about from a few clients, however, sorry to say these two are not high on the priority list right now. If there are more users out there would like these or other features, please email support@corp.trumba.com as I meet with our dev team each week to review new and existing feature requests. Thanks, Steve
  14. At this time this is not a repeating pattern we support. You can set up an alternating repeating event, or you could set this up a a weekly repeating event on Mondays. Once this is set up, view your Trumba editing page in List View and you can now go through and check all of the 1st, 3rd and possibly 5th Mondays for that event that appears and then delete these. This will keep all of the 2nd and 4th Monday events in the repeating pattern.
  15. The Forward to Friends event action email does not contain any images (Event Image or Detail Image), only a link to the event. In order to see the Event Image or Detail Image, the visitor can click the link contained within the email which will redirect them to the Event Detail page where the image will be displayed.
  16. I checked with our development team and they stated that it looks like the “loadNewPage” method is dynamically loading and injecting the calendar.php page into a div on your page. Could you use an iframe to contain the page instead of loading the page into a div? Let us know if that works. Thanks! Steve
  17. What I recommend for this type of calendar scenario would be to create a single line of text custom field for each theater. By creating a field for each theater, you can then add in the showtimes for this movie at each appropriate theater: We cannot hide the Start Date/Time fields, so you will want to set this as an All Day event that spans the duration of the movie showing. I would then use the List calendar view as you can hide the Time Span and start to add in all of the theater custom fields. You can also add a <strong> </strong> tag to make the theater appear in bold. By changing the event title font size and making a few more changes, you could get a movie listing similar to this: In addition, you can then create a Filter Control Spud to allow a site visitor to filter by movie title as well as movie theater.
  18. Hi- All of the Trumba spuds will confine to the container size that you set up on your web page. Another idea for you is to select Publish and then preview the various Calendar spuds, Control Spuds and Promotion Spuds. In the preview window you can resize the window and it will also indicate the width in pixels at the top of the screen so you can get a good sense of what this will look like in a container of that width on your webpage. All spuds can vary depending on the type of calendar view you select and other specific settings you may set for each spud. Unfortunately if you are trying to place a main calendar spud in a container that is only 300 pixels wide you will be limited on what will display. Many of the Control spuds can fit into containers that are less than 200 pixels. If you continue to have an issue with this, feel free to email me at support@corp.trumba.com and I can take a look at your account and spuds. Thanks! Steve
  19. If you have existing events in other programs that you want to import into Trumba®, you can import the event information in the following file formats: iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar (.vcs) Comma separated values (.csv) or tab delimited (.txt) text files Microsoft® Excel worksheet (.xls) If you want to import event data from a file, you first need to get the data from the other calendar program into one of the formats that Trumba supports. To do that, you export your calendar from the other program. Take a look at this Help file that goes into more details on Importing Events from Other Calendar Programs. I would also recommend this Help topic on how to Retain custom field information in Calendars you import from other programs.
  20. Most calendars have several ongoing/recurring events and sometimes it makes sense to have two calendars, one for one-time events and the other for ongoing/recurring events. This way you can publish both calendars or publish each calendar on separate pages. By doing this you can then create promotion spuds to display just the ongoing events. You can also set up a custom field, that allows you the option of tagging an event as a one-time event vs ongoing events. Then you can create a Filter Control Spud so a visitor can check/uncheck what type of event they want to display. For example "Type of Event" and you could create a value called "Ongoing Event" and another value for "One time event". When you are adding events to your calendar you will then tag the event to be an "Ongoing" or "One time event". By tagging theseevents with a value, you can then set up a Filter Control Spud to allows a visitor to display ongoing events on the calendar in addition to the one time events. Here is a help topic with more details. You can take this one step further and in addition to the steps above, you can set up a Filter View so when a person views the calendar you can hide the Ongoing events and only display the one-time events.
  21. You can actually do both If you would like to bold the Field Label in the List calendar view, enter in the following for the label field: <strong>Soleil's Take</strong> We have a “no wrap” setting for the Field Labels in the List calendar view. To make this change, go to Publish and select the Calendar Spuds tab. From here, select Edit Settings & Styles for the List calendar view. Click the Events:Default tab and locate the section titled EVENT DETAILS STYLES. There is a setting for Field label white space that is set to normal by default and you will want to go ahead and select nowrap from the drop down menu and then click OK.
  22. In order to have your events appear in different colors, you will want to setup additional calendars, either top level or sub-calendars. Each calendar will then take on a color that you can define when you publish the calendar by going to Publish>Publish Settings tab>Edit Calendar Colors. Once you have your calendars/categories set up, they each start to “own” different events that you assign to each calendar and the events will then take on the owning calendars color. When you publish the calendar, you can also control the published background color, text, link and link hover colors using HEX color values. Here is a help topic with more details.
  23. I was going to suggest the 1 px x 1 px option, and was hoping there was a more elegant way to do this, however looks like that will work for you. We do not have a setting to "hide" image on the event detail view and it will always display by default.
  24. Hi Joe, Your Featured Events look great! If you don't mind, I will refer clients to your site to see more great examples of how to use this feature:) While we currently cannot group the Featured Events in the calendar list, as these will display based on the date, another option would be to show or highlight your Featured Events in a Promotion Spud. After you set a feature level for an event, you can also use that setting as a filter for displaying featured events in your promotion spuds. You can choose to display only featured events in the spud (of any level you choose), or you can set the spud up to show the featured events first, and then all other events to follow by chronological order. Check out the Help file we have on this that goes into more detail. Also, the Featured Event level where Image is Event is an image only display as this layout displays an image in place of the event information. For example, if you have an image of a poster your organization has used that contains all of the event information people need, you could upload that image and use it in place of event details. Another idea for you is to change the image position. Within the levels you currently have created, you can move the images from the right and have them display on the left by selecting the Featured Event layout tab and changing the Image Position from Right to Left. Thanks! Steve
  25. Hi Matt, There is one Calendar view that does allow you to remove the Start Date and Start Time and that is the Classic Table view. When you select this calendar view you can select Edit Settings & Styles and you will notice on the General Settings tab the option to add and remove the various fields that can be displayed for that view. While we do not have a News Promotion spud, only the News Calendar view, I have another idea for you and that is to use the Photo Upcoming Promotion spud to promote your “News” items. What is nice about this spud is that while you do not have to include images, you have full control over what fields are displayed, including the Date of the event. What you would do is go to Publish and select the Promotion Spud tab. Click on Add a Promotion Spud and select Photo Upcoming and click OK. By default this spud is going to display the Description, Event Date/Time, Location and the Event Detail Link. You can add additional fields or remove any field listed, including the Event Date/Time field. Depending on your website, you may still want to embed your main calendar on the site so visitors can see all of your events, with dates, etc. and use the Photo Upcoming spud on another page of your site. I hope this will work for you. Steve
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