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  1. Ha! I think I figured it out on my own - I think my problem was that the url on the promotional spud was not directed correctly. I went in and deleted the old promotional spud, made a new one and on the main publishing settings set the url to http://www.trumba.com/calendars/yale-gallery-guide-calendar and NOT my own site. and republished the whole thing - Now it appears to be working!! Excellent!
  2. Hi Jill - Thanks for the quick response. I checked the teaserbase url response and realized that what I am hoping for is that when someone clicks on the promotion spud on the calendar name or "see all" that they are taken to - http://www.trumba.com/calendars/yale-gallery-guide-calendar, (my calendar hosted on trumba) - is this possible? Or advisable? I guess what I mean to say is that since I am not sure how to get my main calendar page onto the typepad blog, this seemed like a solution? < hopefully this emoticon accurately demonstrates my bewilderedness!
  3. Hi there! I am super new and thus this might be a really silly question, so perhaps I should apologize up front! But I have tried to solve this problem on my own to no avail: I recently published my calendar spud to my typepad blog https:///www.yalegalleryguides.typepad.com - when I try to click on the "see all" or other links, nothing happens and I can't get a view of the overall calendar. Am I missing something simple to fix this?...or perhaps difficult? many thanks, Aja
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