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  1. OK, that's fine. Now I have uploaded a new image and included the appropriate code in the Event Actions settings, but the old header is still there. I even deleted the original image, which was hosted on Trumba, but it won't go away. I can see the correct image when I click on "preview" in the publishing control panel. But the live Event Actions pages all have the old (deleted!) image still.
  2. I was able to successfully customize the look of the graphics and layout options for one of my calendars' Event Actions (when clicking Add to My Calendar). For some reason, that customization is now going through to all of the calendars on my account. No matter what I do, I cannot change the look and feel for any other calendars. Here is the first one I edited, which I want to keep: http://www.trumba.com/e.aspx?calendar=emoryhillel Here is the second one: http://www.trumba.com/calendars/georgia-tech-hillel I want the Event Actions page on this to be customized differently than the first one. How do I do it?
  3. I would like to have the option of having custom Display Names for each published calendar. When confirmation emails or notifications go out, they all come from the same name (set in the Account Settings screen in the Display Name field). This makes branding challenging when different calendars need to look like they are coming from different sources. Any way around this?
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