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  1. I actually don't have access to the Trumba server because I'm just the UI developer. Can you send an example of what the Javascript would be? I tested your example University page in Firefox and didn't experience any problems. However, in both IE6 and IE7 I experience the problem. To reproduce: 1. Open up your university test page. 2. Put your mouse over one of the main links so the popup menu is showing. 3. Move up and down the popup menu and you will see it flicker as you move up and down Are you able to reproduce this?
  2. Hi Jill, Thanks for being willing to look into it. I haven't had a chance to look at the page in IE6, but even in IE7 the menu in the page you sent flickers as you go from one menu item to the next. I can't tell which Spud is causing the issue without turning different ones off, but I'm guessing without the spuds it would no longer flicker.
  3. An update for those that might come across this. Turns out that this problem only occured with the upcomingfader spud. So for IE6 I just downgraded to the upcoming spud.
  4. When I include the spuds.js in my file it causes the CSS menu to flicker in IE6. See http://www.rustedcode.com/dev/uwcc/ for example. Anyone encountered this before? I suspect it has something to do with the spuds.js adding onmouseover events to various elements of the page, but that's just a guess. Any help would be appreciated.
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