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  1. I am trying to subscribe to my work Trumba calendar from Google Calendar, then sync the Google Calendar to iCal. I would subscribe directly from iCal but ,for some reason, Apple thinks I shouldn't be able to 'push' my subscribed iCal calendars to Mobile Me. (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) So, I used to use Spanning Sync to sync my Google to iCal and it works well enough, but, the problem I am having is that the Google Calendar doesn't seem to subscribe properly to Trumba. I added a test event to Trumba, subscribed using iCal and Google to check they both work, but only iCal picks up the test event. The Google Calendar seems to be subscribing to 'older' information. I have since deleted the test event and iCal updates perfectly, but now Google is showing this test event!! I have deleted and re-added the subscription tens of times now but Google still sees the old data. I am subscribing using http://www.trumba.com/calendars/[myname].ics or webcal://www.trumba.com/calendars/[myname].ics Both seem to work, but for the old data. If I change an event in Trumba, is it immediately updated in the link? Should Google see this change immediately? It feels like Google is merely 'importing' the .ics file rather than 'subscribing'. I feel like I have wasted my entire day on this.