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  1. Updating Custom Fields

    I just sent you a message with the requested information.
  2. I updated some of my custom fields this week, but find that the new names are not reflected in the public calendar. The new field name is reflected in the entry form for the calendar, as well as the .js popup for the event on the calendar, and the existing data is still associated with the renamed field. How do I get the field name to update on the published calendar? Larry
  3. I've created a number of custom fields, and assigned them to custom event templates. The status of the custom field is set to "Allow this field to be published". When I create an event, the custom fields show up on the Event edit form, but the fields do not show up on the published Calendar. Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere? The custom fields were created some time ago (i.e. several weeks ago), and we have been entering data into them for several weeks, but the data does not show up on the published calendar on Trumba or in calendars created via spuds on our site.