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  1. Thanks for your response. How long do the markers continue to be able to appear in e-mails? The markers are gone from the published calendar, but they are still included in the email that was sent the same day that the published calendar was accessed. - Buu
  2. I know that the new and changed indicators are supposed to stay on the published calendars for three days. I wish they could stay longer, particularly since my weekly emails remind people to check the calendar and if we update them more than three days previous to the email, the indicators are gone. But that's not really my question. I noticed today that the appointments in the body of the weekly email still retained the new and changed indicators, although they were gone from the published calendars. I really like this. 2 questions: How long will these indicators be in the emails, and is there any way to get the published calendars to keep the indicators longer? Thanks. - Buu
  3. Is there a way to make the location show on the published versions of calendars? Right now, I am putting all information on the subject line to have it show. I do not want to have to click the appointment to see the location information. That is why I am currently putting the lcoation on the subject line- everything on that line always shows on the calendar. I have tried the month and 5-week views with no luck- I need the location to show on one of these two views of the published calendar.
  4. Everytime I e-mail the calendar to other people, a copy also comes to the main e-mail address that I signed up with on Trumba. This is very cumbersome considering I have scheduled almost 30 e-mails to go out on a weekly basis. I do not want to have to delete 30 messages every week in my own e-mail box. I am not selecting them to be sent to me. Is there a way I can stop this?
  5. Is there a way to specify that all events entered on a particuar sub-calendar automatically show on the primary calendar?
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