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  1. Hey Steve! Thanks for that info. It's been just over four years, but I *finally* actually did this! (In my previous post, I didn't specify which holiday, just said over a holiday, right?) ha ha. : ) So I thought I'd check up on the forums to see if there's anything new, and there it is! I love this walk/bike/ride program, btw, and very excited that they're using Trumba. But surprisingly, it just worked for me to paste the main spud code right into a page. It also worked to put a promotion spud's code into the Text sidebar widget. Hmm, it just works, so I wonder if I did something wrong? (seriously, I started using WP only a few days ago, so I'm still suspicious.) I'm on WP version 3.0.4, and to clarify, with an installation from .org and have full admin access to the files and server. I hope it keeps working because it looks awesome! I'll PM you the URL because the site's not done yet and not on a production server that I want hits on... And if anything changes, I'll post again. Happy New Year! Jill ps: I was mostly jealous that your name appeared as last poster now, so I had to chime in, mwah ha ha ha. I'm glad my login still works. ; )
  2. Hi Jason, I think I got it. When you hover over an event description in a promo spud that uses a popup spud to display the event details, there is a mini-refresh to display the popup. I actually get more of what you're referring to as a flicker when I do this in Firefox. It appears in the title of the active tab and on the Refresh and Stop buttons at the top. In IE7, at least for me, this refresh is barely noticeable and I don't see the flicker. So with this in mind, another thing you can try is to turn off the popups. 1. Go to the Publishing Control Panel for the calendar you're using promo spuds for. 2. Click the Promotion Spuds tab. 3. For the promo spud you want to use, click Edit Settings & Styles. 4. On the Settings tab, in the Popup Settings section, for Popup details spud, select None. 5. Click OK, or Preview to check out the new settings. And then see if you get the same results when you put the spud in your site. Let me know if that makes a difference. Jill / Trumba Client Services
  3. Hey Jason, Welcome to the forums and thanks for this info! I haven't heard this one before, and we do have people using the fader (although not sure if they're using IE6). Could you do me a favor? Using IE6, could you go to this page on the Trumba University demo site, scroll to the fader, and see if you get the same behavior? Let me know, and I can forward all of this info to our QA people to see if they can find out anything more. The fader happens to be my favorite promo spud, so I'd like to clear up any bad press about it if I can. Jill / Trumba Client Services
  4. The Upcoming Grouped promotion spud groups events by Description and Location rather than by Date. So it looks like it's displaying the events in alphabetical order on your new page. If you want the events to be displayed by Date, you could try using the Upcoming Events promotion spud or check out a few of the other promotion spuds which do display events by start date as the default setting.
  5. Hey everyone, This week's release just went live, so iCal publishing is back online! Let me know how your Q/A works, Hotch. Jill / Trumba CS
  6. Hello again, Hotch and others, Good news! Our developer has found and fixed this problem, and the fix will be included with this week's release. As of now, this is scheduled for tomorrow (Wed. 10/10) afternoon. Thanks for reporting this! Jill / Trumba Client Services
  7. Hi Hotch, We've had several messages like this now, and I really appreciate your specific description and inclusion of what sync direction is causing the problem! I can take this info to our developers now and hopefully get to the bottom of it. I'm sorry that this has started happening, but stay tuned, I'll be back as soon as I can with more info. Jill / Trumba Client Services
  8. Hi dtsipian, Thanks for using our demo site! Here's some info about customizing email: Customize styles for calendar and event email If you have a "managed account" with us (i.e., your account is at the $99.95/mo. or more pricing level), you can also customize email headers and footers, including adding images. When you add an email spud to your Publishing Control Panel, the header and footer sections appear, and you can click the Learn more link on those pages for more info about how to use them. And just a heads up: If you do customize the email footer, make sure you include your own opt-out link or instructions, in the unlikely event that any of your recipients won't be thrilled to get your email. : ) Here's the Learn more info: Add a custom email banner or privacy statement I hope that helps get you started. Have fun! Jill / Trumba Client Services
  9. Well done Aja! I'm glad you got it working. I'm sorry my references implied that you shouldn't have the teaserBase go to your hosted calendar on the Trumba site. As you discovered, that works just as well. : ) Jill / Trumba Client Services
  10. Hi Aja, Welcome to Trumba! How cool that you're including spuds in your blog. : ) I'm hoping this is indeed a simple one. It sounds like you need to include what's called a "teaserBase" variable in your spud code. The teaserBase is used with spuds that are not on the same page as your main calendar, to direct the spuds to the location of your main calendar. Here's some info in our Spud FAQ about how to add the teaserBase. The question there is different, but the solution is the same. I hope that helps! Let me know if I can elaborate on anything. Jill / Trumba Client Services
  11. Hi Hilary, Connie's out today, but I think I can help. Can I just make sure which iCal/.ics option you used? I've seen this happen if you use the Download option in the Event Actions page or if you double-click the .ics file to open it in Outlook. If, when the main calendar is displayed, you click the iCal link in the upper-right area of the main calendar, it should allow you to download an .ics file of the entire calendar. I just tried it at the Trumba Tribune site, and it worked as I expected. Another thing you could try, which also lets you download the whole calendar, is again go to the main calendar, and click the Subscribe link. Then on the subscribe page, select Download iCalendar File, and then click the button, and select the Save to Disk option. If it still isn't working, another thing to try is to open the .ics file that you downloaded in a text editor such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). The .ics file is a regular text file, and you should be able to tell by how much text is in the file whether it's including just one event or the whole calendar. If the .ics file includes the whole calendar, make sure that you follow the instructions Connie gave for importing the file into Outlook. In other words, don't use the Open command or double-click the file. Also, when I selected my file to import, I didn't get the option to decide what calendar to put the events on. The file imported directly to my main Outlook calendar. I'm not sure why, but I do know that she and I have different versions of Outlook. Either way, all of the events were included in the import. If things just don't seem to work no matter what, you could email me the address of your calendar along with the .ics file that you created, and I can see what's going on. You can send this info to support at corp.trumba.com and put it to my attention. I hope that helps, and let me know what you find. Good luck! Jill
  12. This error was been reported in Internet Explorer 6.0 and can be resolved by clearing the browser history and browser cache. Then close and restart the browser.
  13. You can change the text colors in the Date Finders style setting. However, to change the "today" background color for the Date Finder, you can do it one of two ways. One way is to select the Publish Settings tab and select Edit Styles and Icons button. Then on the Styles tab, under Base Page Settings, edit the Base today background color. Note: This setting also affects main calendar views that have the current date highlighted, such as the Month view and Multi-Week view. If you are on the Promotion Spuds tab and you have the Date Finder spud set up, click Edit Settings & Styles and then select the Styles tab. Locate the TODAY section and here you can edit the Background color along with the text color, link color and link hover color. Here is an example of the settings that typically work best for the Date Finder that you may want to follow:
  14. Alright, this is taking me longer than a couple of hours. I need to hit up one of our developers for further info, so I probably won't be back til tomorrow afternoon. I'm sorry, Evan! I'm also sending you a PM with some more specific info. Jill
  15. Hi Evan, This does make sense, thanks, but I'm wondering if you actually could use event types anyway for the sub-levels under Athletics. Could you give me a couple of hours to mull this over and see if I can come up with an alternative that you might find worth checking out? Jill / Trumba Client Services
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