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  1. The mix-in setting did the trick; thanks! Anxious to hear about the other issue. It was a Trumba rep at the Ragan Communications Web Content Management conference in Chicago last week who showed me how it worked. /shel
  2. A couple examples, Jill: 1. Times haven't been set yet but the clergy wants people to know/reserve the date anyway. 2. It's not a holiday, but there's a significance to the date (e.g., "Scholar-in-Residence Weekend") Hope these help! /shel
  3. One more question... We occasionally have events that are not "all day" but don't have an associated time, either. Is there a way to have an event without a time that isn't all day? Thanks again... /shel
  4. Two questions: 1. I have six sub-calendars, but only four are showing up on the calendar on the Web. What do I need to do to get the other two to show up? 2. When I saw this demo'd at the Ragan Communications conference, I was shown that it was possible to have both the full traditional calendar view as a separate web page AND the upcoming events view in a one-column text format. I can't figure out how to do this. Can you help? Thanks! /shel
  5. I'm new, and a bit confused. I have set up a calendar for a religious institution. The idea is for the head of each function to handle their own entries: the brotherhood president will enter brotherhood events, the clergy will enter religious services, the religious school director will enter school activities, etc. I've set up sub-calendars for each of these. When I try to give them access, though, I can only see the option that allows me to share the calendar if they are registered (that is, PAYING) users. This absolutely defeats the idea of having a calendar for the religious institution through a service like Trumba! Am I missing something? Thanks...
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