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  1. Sorry I wasn't clear. I was actually talking about a WordPress install on our own website, (see wordpress.org), not an account at WordPress.com. It is possible to add a spud to a WordPress theme, but I would like to add it as a Sidebar widget, which can be manipulated from the WordPress control panel. I haven't spent much time trying it out yet, I was just hoping that someone knew of a WordPress plugin that would make it easy.
  2. The iCal file for our calendar only shows events during the next two months. For example, right now the file only includes events in April and May; no June events are shown. Is there a way to get the iCal file to show all future events?
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has written a WordPress plugin to incorporate a Trumba spud into a widgetized sidebar? I've seen an old thread on using spuds with WordPress, but it is very old and WordPress has changed a lot since then. Does anyone have any recent experience with this? Currently I am using a WordPress plugin called ICS Calendar which reads the iCal file from Trumba and incorporates it into my WordPress site, but I'm interested in using the spuds on my site.
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