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  1. Sorry I wasn't clear. I was actually talking about a WordPress install on our own website, (see wordpress.org), not an account at WordPress.com. It is possible to add a spud to a WordPress theme, but I would like to add it as a Sidebar widget, which can be manipulated from the WordPress control panel.


    I haven't spent much time trying it out yet, I was just hoping that someone knew of a WordPress plugin that would make it easy.

  2. I was just wondering if anyone has written a WordPress plugin to incorporate a Trumba spud into a widgetized sidebar? I've seen an old thread on using spuds with WordPress, but it is very old and WordPress has changed a lot since then. Does anyone have any recent experience with this?


    Currently I am using a WordPress plugin called ICS Calendar which reads the iCal file from Trumba and incorporates it into my WordPress site, but I'm interested in using the spuds on my site.

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