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  1. Calendar Email

    Hi If you create a calendar that contains the advocacy days meeting events, you can send out a one-time or scheduled calendar email message that contains all future or some time period's worth (for example, 2 weeks' or a month's worth) of these events to people on a distribution list. Recipients of the email can click icons beside the event descriptions to add events they're interested in to their Outlook calendars. You can learn more in this Help topic: Sending events by email Connie
  2. teaserbase

    Hi Joe. I just wanted to follow up with one more thing. You might want to use the openInNewWindow property to get the event detail to open on your site in a new window. The code would look like this: <script type="text/javascript"> $Trumba.addSpud({ webName: "asingularcreation", spudType : "main", openInNewWindow: "true", detailBase: "http://www.asingularcreation.com/Lists/art-contests.htm" }); </script> Sorry I forgot to mention that the first time. You can find more information here: Supported properties for customizing spuds. Connie
  3. teaserbase

    Hi Joe. If you actually want the event detail view to open in a page on your site, you want to use the detailBase rather than the teaserBase property. So your spud code would like this: <script type="text/javascript"> $Trumba.addSpud({ webName: "asingularcreation", spudType : "main", detailBase: "http://www.asingularcreation.com/Lists/art-contests.htm" }); </script> You use the detailBase property with a main spud to show event details in another main spud that's embedded in a separate page. The teaserBase property works with promotion spuds and allows you to open the event details page from a link in the promotion spud on your own site rather than the Trumba hosted page. Hope that helps. Connie
  4. Two other calendar views, List and Table, now support images. These two views do allow you to set grouping and paging options, as you requested above. In the Publishing Control Panel, on the Calendar Spuds tab, add the List and/or Table calendar views and then click Edit Settings & Styles to display the image field and control the image size. For the Classic Table view you will first need to add in the Event Image field under the Display Settings area on the General Settings tab and determine the placement in order of preference. Trumba also supports the display of Inline Images, which are images you can embed in the Notes field and any other Multi-line text field that uses the HTML Editor (Trumba Connect accounts only). Inline images are supported in some calendar views (Classic Table and List view) as well as on the event detail view.
  5. Custom Display Name

    Hi Michael. I believe you're asking for the announcement, reminder, and invitation email messages behave the same way as the calendar email messages and reflect the published calendar they originate from rather than the account. It's a good suggestion. I just talked with our developers and we're going to explore making that change. Let me know if I misunderstood what you're requesting. If everything looks like it will work fine and the change goes forward, we'll try to let you know when it's implemented. If you haven't heard anything in a while, please reply to this post. Thanks. Connie
  6. Hi everyone yet again. I have some good news about the switching calendars issue. While we didn't switch back to the old default behavior, the developers did add a feature that allows you to set how you want Trumba Connect to behave when you switch between calendars in the editing environment. In your Account Settings, you now have access to a Main Calendar View Options section. In that section, you can set Trumba Connect to keep the same date and/or view when you switch from one calendar to another. For more information about setting the calendar switching preferences, see Control the view when you switch between calendars. Connie
  7. Repeating Event Invite?

    I just realized that I probably should have been a bit more clear in my previous post about the repeating event invite. I said that you have the option of sending announcements/reminders for each occurrence of a repeating event "if you have a Trumba Connect account." To clarify, having a Trumba Connect account means having a "managed account" with us (i.e., your account is at the $99.95/mo. or more pricing level). Connie
  8. Repeating Event Invite?

    Hi D. Nice to hear from you again. From reading our past exchange, I believe what you wanted to accomplish was sending an invitation to a repeating event and then being able to send reminders in advance of each occurrence. If you have a Trumba Connect account, you can do that now. When you invite people to a repeating event, you have the option of sending them one invitation to the entire series. In this case, the invitees have the option of accepting/declining all occurrences or responding to each occurrence individually. When you set up the invitation, you can also set up event announcements and reminders. You can schedule these announcements/reminders to be sent a certain amount in advance of each occurrence of a repeating event. To learn more about setting the announcements, reminders, and invitations, see Send event announcements, reminders, or invitations. Connie
  9. Hi Hilary. Let me repeat what you're asking just to make sure I'm understanding it correctly. You have a published calendar with festival dates on it for a year. The published calendar is in Month view. You want to add all of the festival dates for the year to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. So you're wondering if you can do that all at once or if you have to add each month separately. If that's a correct statement of your question, the answer is that you can add only one view's worth (in your case, a month) of events at a time to your Outlook calendar. However, there is another approach that will allow you to export all of the events to a file that you can then import into Outlook. Click the iCal link at the top right corner of the calendar to export the events to an .ics file. You can then import that .ics file into Outlook to add all of the festival dates at once. In Outlook, display your calendar. On the File menu, select Import and Export. In the Wizard, select Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar (.vcs) file. Locate the file and click OK. Decide whether you want to add the events to your current calendar or create a new calendar. If I misunderstood your question, please let me know and we can try again to get you the information you need. Connie Trumba Support
  10. Hi again everyone. One additional note based on a suggestion from our VP of Products about the process I recommended in my previous post. After you display the first calendar you're adding events to, you might want to mix in the additional calendars that also have new events. That way, the time period you're viewing stays exactly the same and ,as you add each new event, you can see it in the context of other events that occur around the same time. You mix a calendar into the displayed calendar by selecting, in the Current Publications list, the check box for the calendar you want to mix in. Hope that makes sense. Connie
  11. Hi Deborah and everyone. We did find out from Development that we are not switching back to the old behavior. If you navigate to a future date on one calendar and then switch to a different calendar, the calendar you switch to will show the current date. I can understand that if you're adding future events to several calendars around the same time period it might seem irritating to have to navigate to a new date with each calendar you display. However, you can add events to several different calendars without ever navigating away from the calendar you initially displayed. Try this: Navigate to the date on the first calendar to which you want to add an event. Add the events you want. Without navigating away from the calendar, click Add Event above the calendar. In the Add Event form, the date defaults to the first day of the month. Select the day you want. Under Owning Calendar on the right, select the calendar to which you want to add the event. Click OK. Click Add Event again, and repeat steps 3 and 4 until you've added all the events to all the calendars you want. I think using this process for adding events to several different calendars won't take any longer than navigating between calendars before adding each event. Hope this helps. Connie
  12. Here's a workaround you might use when you have events that do not have a specific start/end time. Set the event as an All Day event. Then no start or end time shows up. In the Description field of the event, add a note about the start time to let people know when it starts.
  13. Print header

    If you publish calendars that site visitors often want to print, it's a good idea to set up print view. Set-up options include adding a banner image to the top of print view, showing the calendar name in the header, and showing the print date/time in the footer. Here is a link to our Help topic on how to set up a print view that includes an image.
  14. Viewing Source

    Hi Joe. I just wanted to let you know that we have some Help information about search and the index page that you found. You can find that information here: Help the right audience find your calendar. Hope it helps some. Let us know if its confusing or whatever. Thanks. Connie
  15. Reusable Map Links

    When you type an address in the Location field and then add a map link to the location, a Recent Map Links link appears next to the location field. Rather than typing a repeat location from scratch, you can just choose the map link from the list. The address is filled in and the map link created. The Recent Map Links drop down will save up to 50 mapped locations. You can remove any old or outdated map link by selecting the drop down and click the X next to the address.