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  1. One of my events will be a story-time happening on the same day, same time, same location, every week. Do I have to enter this event for each occurance or is there an option to assign it as a repeat or recurring?
  2. Thanks! Okay, now I know how to embed. This is exactly what I need. Now, next question. I'm working with my demo and I'm having trouble mixing in all of my sub-calendars. I created quite a few. Secondly, I want users to be able to be able to select the calendar. Will that tool appear on the page when I embed it?
  3. I use citymax.com to host my website. It's a template based service that so far has met my needs EXCEPT for the calendaring option. I want to subdivide my calendars by event category so that users can choose what types of events they want to see. Their back-end interface is not the greatest either as I have to manually enter repeating events. I'd like to use Trumba, but I want it so that a viewer clicks on the calendar tab on my site and sees the calendar seemlessly -- without having to go to another site.
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