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  1. Our calendar http://www.trumba.com/calendars/greenland_calendar is available for email subscription. However I just got word from a subscriber that her daily calendar email does not display any events - all the events are on mixed-in calendars. Clearly I'm doing something wrong with the calendar settings but can't find any info on this in the help topics I've looked at. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks for your guidance.
  2. Connie - I think I will send an email to support... events are getting added to the calendars of people who haven't even been invited to teh meeting, anditappears they are getting added to non-primary calendars. It would be great to have the option (as an event organizer) as to whether or not an event should automatically show on someone's primary calendar as tentative. In our group, some people's primary calendars manage events for our entire program (like truck rentals or aircraft charters). It's odd to have an invitation to attend in a staff meeting or interview a job applicant show up in a web-published calendar dedicated to managing flight schedules. Best, Diana
  3. Connie - Thanks for replying. Yes, all those other calendars are shared with me. BUT... actually, the event doesn't always show up on their primary calendar only. It occasionally shows up on sub-calendars they have created (regardless of whether or not they RSVP). The other odd thing is that it doesn't appear to be consistent. I can give you some more specific examples relating to our group offline if you need me to. Thanks, Diana
  4. I have just begun using the new feature in Trumba that allows event invitations upon event creation. I created several new events last week and invited my colleagues to participate. Today I discovered that those events are now showing up on alarge number of calendars that I did not check the "also shows on" boxes for. The only common thread between those events is that they all include invitations. I created several events that did not include invitations and those seem fine. I have been testing this to figure out what's going onand discover that eventsare being added to some (but not all) of the invitee's created calendars automatically. So it looks like Trumba automatically added in a number of calendars based on the list of invitees, and then, whenever I get an RSVP, more calendars are added to the list. This seems like a bug since the invitees are not specifying that these items shouldget added to the calendars. Thanks!
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