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  1. I would also like an update on this almost 5 year old feature request. The email/distribution list/address book area of Trumba is very weak. I would venture a guess that most users circumvent this area as much as possible and handle their contacts outside of Trumba. Obviously, an opt-out indicator is maintained in Trumba. Hiding this information from Calendar administrators serves no purpose but to give them cause to move away from Trumba altogether.
  2. Submitter Email

    I don't know the answer to the retention part of your question, but you can get the submitter email as well as other information by exporting the calendar. Their is a link on the left side when viewing the calendar in trumba called "Export this calendar" - it gives to options for file format (CSV & ISO). Note however that if you have a calendar that includes sub-calendars that you must export the sub-calendars (exporting just the top level calendar will not give you all events). My calendar still exports events going back to March 2009.