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  1. By "account" are you indicating separate sub-subscriptions of the same (single) Professional Account? We have only one Pro Account -- fully shared with all sub-subscriptions. However, each subscriber, even when editing the master calendar, does not see that main account address book. I think you are indicating that I need to export the main address book and have each sub-subscriber re-import it (true?).
  2. I imported an Address Book (not sure what account I started it in) that shows when logged in to the Primary Account. It also shows (I think it is the same Address Book) when I log into one of the sub-subscription accounts sharing the primary account. However, many other sub-subscriptions do not see that address book. Is there some way to share the common address book?
  3. I see the ability to link to other sites that may be file repositories, but is the ability to link a file that is uploaded to Trumba (and download it to users) in the works? Minimum 50-100 Kb file size; optimum size 500K - 1Mb. Perhaps a single total storage limitation (10Mb listed in "global storage" for forum posts) would be the answer. File obsolete date (purge date) would help control excess storage growth.
  4. Appreciate the simplified steps ... we'll let you know. Curious if the replacement steps are equally applicable to embedded Spuds. We use a couple spuds for the web page. And, actually, it is not rocket science we are protecting ... an unsecure password passed in the URL really would be adequate. The alternative we were about to implement (and be satisfied with) was to make a simple passworded calendar and have users manually enter it each time. By passing the password in the URL, it is slightly more secure in that we do not need to document what it is anywhere and could make it quite extensive. Thanks again for the time and effort. Dan
  5. Hey Jill ... I know old question, but I saw this reply regarding passwords and RSS feeds that makes me want to ask again. We are attempting to work with the "Publish Secure Calendars" ... some advanced coding ... not made much progress (and not spent much time trying). BUT, would still prefer a more simple link that could embed a simple password to a published calendar. Seems that if the password could be passed in an RSS feed URL, the URL for any calendar/spud could also provide a password. If the secure URL is still the only way, have you guys made any progress on a "pay-for-support" option where maybe we could send our web page and YOU could code in the secure URL call for us?? Thanks Dan
  6. We any closer yet? Do not see new options in Publishing that would indicate this feature is available. Thanks
  7. Next week is fine. Still good news. ...and if you weren't busy answering my questions, you could have made it happen sooner. Reference intact.
  8. Jill - I think it's time you as for a raise. Need a reference? (Thanks) . . . . OHhh ... .just realized that we use one of the 'spuds' to provide the link to the full Calendar. Will this option be obviously enough to patch spuds also??
  9. Just checking on request ... and clarifying. Not looking to have the password saved in Cookie. Looking for a URL in a Web site to contain and pass the Login/password info to the login page form fields. I suspect that if I know more about html coding (or java scripting) I would know how to do it myself.
  10. "I would prefer them to always be there" ... or at least the popup info. That is very useful even if the event was entered weeks ago. Imagine, I enter events months into the future. When those events begin to arrive, and some of that info is "unusual" or of unknown origin, now no one know who to ask about it. They only know for a few days after ... not sure that makes sense. But thanks. Now I know how to create hallucinations on demand. May be useful.
  11. Well ... hallucinations return There are "*" and "!" icons in the published viewable calendar that (on hover) indicate by who/when an item was added or revised, respectively. I see thse icons today for events added and revised today. The fact that the ones I saw last week are not thre is .... interesting. What is the coding for them appearing or disappearing? I would prefer them to always be there.
  12. Cuda swore last week I saw that when I hovered over an event, that the login subscriber (sharing the Calendar) showed indicating who entered the event. My hallucination has ended ... does not work that way today. We have an interest in that information. Best approach seems to be to enter it in the Notes field ... but is there any way to customize that field to have a "Prompt" show each time indicating "Entered By:" {{obviously other uses of pre-programmed prompts / forms could be envisioned}} Any other ideas?
  13. Exellent reply (been following your other replies this afternoon ... waiting for you to get to this one - LOL). Even better than I was assuming. I did intend for the primary top level Calendar to be "the" shared calendar for all ~15 others. Everyone would keep all generic stuff on that one shared/published calendar. Then each subscriber would have their own "private" calendar that would/could hold more detail, etc. So the primary account holder would create a second Calendar that would be his "private" calendar. I think this makes sense with your reply ... check me. Yes/No
  14. I would be interested when this is made available. I know it is a simple thing (under most circumstances). Thanks
  15. For a Calendar published with password, isn't there some way to create a link that includes the password essentially providing for auto-login? I know that each PC that previously logged in with the "Remember Me" checked will provide auto-login, but I want the link to be on an already secured site so that any user of that site can get direct access to the Calendar.
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