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  1. A follow up question to this topic: First, we LOVE your product and how it works but, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage our distribution lists. In addition to the email capabilities & widgets you provide, we recently started using Mail Chimp for unscheduled and/or newsletter type of communications. There is little overlap on functionality and we found that this One/Two punch of Trumba/Mail Chimp to be a very effective way of communicating to our community. Is there any way of integrating the Mail Chimp subscription capabilities into the Trumba address book? More specifically, can I sync up the two "address books"? Mail Chimp is currently doing this w/ many other products and I was hoping Trumba was one of their integration partners but I don't see you on the list. Is this something you are working on? As always, thanks for a great product.
  2. Photos/Images in Promotion Spuds

    Thanks for making this happen, Great Feature!!
  3. Thanks for the help! Is this on the list of improvements? If so, are we talking weeks or months?
  4. I looked but didn't find anything covering this topic so, I work with an volunteer organization of 25 individuals. We have weekly recurring meetings and would like to better track who will show up on any given night. Many folks travel a long distance ( 50+ miles) so it's important that we know ahead of time if the meeting should be cancelled due to poor attendance. The "Event Registration" feature is great but doesn't support this process very well on a repeating event. (i.e. When event and registration are created for a repeating event, the individual must accept the invite for all or none of the meetings) Most of us don't know if we can make a meeting 3 months from now, so accepting "All" defeats the purpose of the event registration. The only other option is to set a meeting invite up for each weekly meeting and I don't have that kind of time to manage this process each week. (It's easier to just call people) I'm hoping there's a way to automate this process and I'm looking for suggestions. What I'd like to do is: 1. Create a weekly repeating event for our meeting 2. Invite the individual attendees via the "Distribution List" 3. Determine how many days in advance the Event Registraion should be sent out (i.e. 4 days before) 4. Have Trumba automatically send out a weekly recurring invite (i.e. 4 days before) for each individual weekly meeting 5. Allow each member the ability to register for each weekly meeting (i.e. 4 days before) 6. Have a reminder sent out 1 day before (or any other amount) Any help and ideas are appreciated. Demetri
  5. I would like to use this spud in a way I haven't found on the forums and I'm looking for help. I want to display an event image ONLY. The images would rotate/scroll through a list of events that are part of that particular calendar (i.e. Events Calendar) The images would ages out as the events occur in the past. If you clicked on a particular image, the link would take you to that specific event. I'm currently doing this using other means but it is very time consuming & manual process. TRUMBA is so easy to use and I'm trying to enable this feature so my non technical office staff, (REALLY non-technical!!) can simply add an event with a image and then it would presented in this fashion. Is there a way to get the Photo Events Spud to work like this and only display the image and embedded link to the event? Thanks!! Demetri
  6. Repeating Event Invite?

    Thanks for the response! I'll check my account and see what I can do.
  7. Thanks for the reply! This has answered my question.
  8. Repeating Event Invite?

    Has anything changed on this capability? I can't find anything but thought I would ask. Thanks!
  9. On one of your example sites (great idea!) (http://university.trumba.com/email_calendars/default.aspx) you show that you can customize an email template. I can't seem to find any info on how to do this. Can you help? Thanks
  10. Customizing Upcoming Events spud?

    Thanks for the reply! I've been playing with it and it works great! I'm bumming though! I love the product but with the recent changes, we can't afford it long term. Thanks for everything! Demetri
  11. Removing header from mix-in spud

    Any update?? Are we in the near future yet? Can we customize our Spuds?
  12. I searched and didn't find anything specific to this so... Have you considered giving us the ability to format the color of the text displayed on a calendar as opposed to the background color behind the text? (or both?) We print calendars often and they just suck the color out of our printers due to all of the color blocks that need to be printed. Having the text colored would provide us the same color coordinated capability in a easier to print/view version. (and saves some of that valuable ink) Perhaps a splash of color before the text in the printed view. (ie iCal) I recognize that there is a difference between a web view and a printed document. I would just like to have some options when printing since we still do so much of it. Keep up the good work! Demetri
  13. Importing Rss Feeds

    I too need to be able to consume RSS feeds. It would be a HUGE benifit!! RSS provides a great way of getting information into the calendar with very little work. As I've said before, the beauty of your product is the simplicity and "hands off" power it gives the administrator. Being able to establish a RSS relationship and have it automatically update a calendar is a must. I think its a natural evolution of your product. The other options you mention above are cumbersome and require a lot of work and would lead to outdated calendars. (ie I don't believe you can publish an iCal calendar that you subscribe to.) I currently cannot include external info in our Trumba calendars because I don't have the time to manually update it everyday. I send them to an external site and then the user has to flip back and forth to compare and see how the two calendars line up. Please include this in the next build! (I'm begging here!) Anyone Else??? Keep up the great work! Demetri
  14. Customizing Upcoming Events spud?

    Troy; Thanks for the response. I've made the changes and it works great! Please let us know when we can format the spud. Will I be able to apply a CSS to a spud or just specific formatting? Demetri
  15. Customizing Upcoming Events spud?

    Troy; Thanks for the response! Makes sense! I've made the changes as suggested but the header is still there. Take a look when you get a chance. Did I do something wrong? Demetri