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    Hello, We're continuing to implement our Dance Events Calendar at http://www.dancescape.com/calendar The objective is to continue to have worldwide Dance-related Workshops, Competitions and Events from our Members. We started to create a number of regional calendars ... however, what we would like to do is to use the SEARCH function to generate links. For example, when we put in events, say, from Massachusetts ... there are some events in Boston, while others in Cambridge, etc. What code/URL would we use in the SEARCH feature to then be able to have a link to the keyword with the relevant cities? Also, the Search lets us find those events that may be in dance categories ... like Ballroom Dancing, Tango, Hip Hop, Salsa, etc. Similarly, could you provide us with the link we would need to use so that we can link to specific keywords ... like "Salsa, Boston" ... and then we would have a link to this from the SEARCH tool For example, we are able to do this for our listings in AMAZON using their keyword functionality, which shows this link for keyword, "DanceScape", our products in Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=br_ss_...ords=dancescape We would like to do the same with our Calendar of Events at http://www.dancescape.com/calendar Thanks for any tips!