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  1. Greeting, I have been able to subscribe to public calendars from within Trumba. Is there a way to subscribe to a public calendar with an ICAL or XML feed that is outside of Trumba (e.g., Google Calendar)? If this is possible, I would assume it could be mixed in just like any other subscribed calendar... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. jake
  2. Is there a way to add "odd times" for events? I'm trying to put in some airline flight times (e.g. 4:31pm, 7:22 pm). I can only find the dropdown mechanism which limits me to 5 minute intervals. I don't readily see a way to manually override the minutes for the start time. (I think I can put in an "odd minute" duration to get the right end time.) Is there some way to enter an "odd" start time?
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