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  1. The Trumba calendar is a really great application and I am really enjoying exploring to find the capabilities. I have already successfully integrated it in a web site. However, I have just come across a problem when editing a 'Repeat Event' from a Monday to a Thursday. Despite the time being set to 6:30 to 7:30 the whole of the time from 6:30 pm to the end of the day is coloured... Eventually after repeating several times and Clicking the OK box at the top of the table as well as the bottom and all sorts of other combinations of choosing to edit... the entry showed as it should. However, the repeats section on the edit screen still announces 'Every week on Monday' when the dates on start and end are Thursdays and it is set to 'weekly'. This 'Repeating' section doesn't function as it should. When I amend the times and Check the radio button at the bottom pf the page to amend all future events as well as this one... future events do not appear on Thursdays as they should.... they show on Mondays! Just for clarification... do I have to 'Publish' each time that I alter the calendar if it is incorporated into a web page? I think that the answer is yes... but thought I would check!
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