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  1. Trumba has been a great solution for our group. I just wanted to confirm something. I have set up a password protected published calendar that approximately 30-50 people view with regularity. There has been interest expressed in subscribing to the calendar in iCal, but my understanding is that the subscription function cannot be used if the calendar is password protected. Is that correct? Is there a way around it besides downloading events (that requires frequent updating if the calendar changes)? Is there a plan to support both a password and iCal subscription in the future? If there's not, that's a feature I'd really like to see added.
  2. Hi Jill- Thanks for all your help in trying to get this resolved! I know this seems a little crazy...and it's sure been driving me nuts! The calendar printed as it should have at home (Win. XP with Internet Explorer as browser and HP Ink Jet as printer). All colors are there and as they should be. Tried printing today from the published view at work...background colors were set to print and they appeared in print preview this time as they should. However, when I went to print, it was still erasing colors on the hard copy. Luckily, the text is in black now so dates aren't totally invisible, but it's still not printing background colors fully. It's also totally random in pattern. Most dates are one color as they should be, some have that highlighting effect (where there are two shades of one color), some are half-white and half color, and some have no background color at all! It sounds like this probably isn't something on your end and more on my end (since it's working fine for you and for me at home). Perhaps it's time to consult the IT department? Thanks. -Heath
  3. One other note... In the above posting, when I'm printing, it's using print view from my admin pages (clicking the blue button). I just tried to print from the published version of the calendar (clicking the printer icon in the corner) and it generated a page with all black text and no background colors at all (browser is still set to print background colors). What's going on here?? Thanks.
  4. Hi Jill, Thanks for your response. I'm using dark blue and red, which automatically generate white text. All other events have black text. When I go into print view, the text retains its colors (white and black). I'm in an office with an HP Color LaserJet (only a few months old), so I doubt it's a memory issue. I will have to try to print the calendar at home on my InkJet and see if the pattern is repeated. At the office, we also have a black and white Laser printer, which produces a similar result. In this case, the background colors print two shades of grey (as though the text is highlighted) with white text. When I print in color, it does the same thing, only half is in color (red, blue, etc) and the rest is white, which shows as invisible. I will send you the link to the calendar in a message. I wonder if it might have something to do with our network. In print view, everything looks fine, but when I print preview and/or print, I get the highlighted effect. Thanks again. -Heath
  5. I currently have a password protected published calendar with about six mixed-in calendars displayed. The data displays fine online, but when printed out, the colors don't all print right. Some of the color will print for an event, but the rest will be white. On the dates with white text (and a darker background color) this becomes a problem when visitors print the calendar and believe there is nothing scheduled that day. Browser is set to print background colors, and it prints some, but they don't all print right. I'm on Mac OSX using Safari as browser, but know the problem exists on our particular calendar with other OSs and browsers. Any ideas what I can do?
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