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  1. Calendar Customization Question

    Thanks for getting back to me... it looks like it puts that "fading" effect on ALL of the predefined templates in step 1. kind of a bummer i jsut went and picked every template option and all the templates are definatly using that fading effect ... you guys might wanna consider that fade effect as a opt in our out option in the publish process
  2. Calendar Customization Question

    Ok i was able to get to the customization however now i have another problem. When i select the background color, it displays the background color I pick but it fades it to a lighter color. doesnt make any sense. Here is a screenshow, i picked the hex value but instead of it showing the solid color, its creating some kind of odd ugly fade. is there a way to make the background color i pick stay solid rather then the ugly fade? Also is there a way to edit the background color of the controls and event headings that is right above the event? as of now it remains white, even tho I pick a background color? screenshot:
  3. Calendar Customization Question

    yeah i was thinking it was a bug. thanks for your help.. i will give it a shot
  4. Calendar Customization Question

    nowhere on step 3 do i see a option for Mix In Calendars or any option for color picking this is exactly what i am seeing in step 3: Event Actions Multiple event selection: YesNo Choosing "Yes" allows a calendar visitor to work with several events at a time. Choosing "No" limits the visitor to one event at a time. Learn more... Paging and Grouping Events to publish: All eventsFuture eventsCustom date range Page by: Show all events Year Quarter Month Week Day Custom thats all i see, other then my calendar below it, but nowhere on there is the options you are referring to ATTACHED IS A SCREENSHOT OF STEP 3 THAT I AM SEEING arrgghh!!!!
  5. Calendar Customization Question

    thanks i looked at that help section. however i cant figure out how to customize the colors of the calendar. They say in Step 3 of the Publish option there is a spot where you can choose custom colors. Nowhere do I see that option no matter how many times I try doing it. I am looking to basically just change the background color of the calendar and possibly the font color. our website is a blue/greenish background and we would like mimic that color have i smoked myself stupid? i read this over a few times: http://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_colors.html and nowhere do i see the ability to chage the colors on the publish, only things it is allowing me to do is pick a template and color scheme in step 1. please help! thanks!!
  6. I just started using the FREE version to display our bands tour dates. We are wondering if we are able to customize the background colors and font sizes and colors of our calendar. If you go to www.partonetribe.com you will see we are using the <script> the PUBLISH feature generates for us to place on our website. However the templates available dont match the color scheme of our website Will the full version allow us the ability to change these options? please advise. We would like to buy but we need to know this before we make our decision thanks part one tribe all original reggae, rock and blues music www.partonetribe.com