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  1. I recently upgraded the backend software that runs my site, and now I can easily tell that the trumba spuds are the slowest part of the page to load - like, the loading javascript blocks the rest of the page rendering on quite a few browsers. Perhaps you can borrow the way Google Adsense does it with their remote scripts - they are highly compressed (as well as use GZIP HTTP response compression over the wire, standard in browsers), have obfuscated source (SUPER compressed - look at this!!! http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js ), and they load blank so the page can finish rendering, and then the content of the javascript portion is rendered after the page has loaded completely. Compare that to the way Trumba does it: http://www.trumba.com/k.aspx?calendar=mass...coming&events=5 (non-gzipped HTTP response) Nice whitespace, sure, but if you GZIP'ed the HTTP response for this source code and obfuscated it like Google, I bet the events spuds could seriously get better performance on websites. I don't know how you could go about the delayed rendering stuff though.
  2. Load Times of Spuds slow compared to rest of my site

    Hmm from the looks of it you're using F5's BIG-IP services, which claim they offer "Intelligent Compression"...which is simple HTTP deflate.... Wonder how much they're charging for that service! (snicker) http://www.f5.com/reports/gomez_testing.pdf Oh well...ignore what I was saying earlier about gzipping. The rest still applies though.
  3. Load Times of Spuds slow compared to rest of my site

    Well my current workaround is to wrap the spud in an iframe, and that way the whole page renders first and then the iframe's content loads a second or two after (the spud). Perhaps you can implement this on your side of things?
  4. I just tried testing the "one-time-email" feature. I uploaded a CSV of over 3,000 email addresses (my site's member's email addresses), and then sent out a test of a "next two weeks" email. After trying to send it, the page eventually timed out. I'm guessing this is because not all the emails were sent to all the addresses in the proper amount of time needed before your IIS timeout is set for. Perhaps you'll want to spawn the email sending task as a new multi-threaded process so you track the status of how many emails have been sent without causing the page to timeout for large # of addresses? Thanks, Mike MassWrestling.com
  5. Page timeout on emailing large # of recipients

    ::shrug:: I'm already quite happy with Trumba's features right now, I was just exploring the other stuff I hadn't tried yet. No biggy.
  6. Can visitors submit events?

    I just noticed Trumba added event submission notification emails. I just got one in my email. Sweet! It looks like this: -------------------------------------------- FROM Trumba Event Submission <user.xxxxxx@trumba.com> TO Massachusetts Wrestling An event has been submitted to Wrestling Events » Tournaments » Submitted. NH Beach Wrestling State Tournamnet When Saturday, August 05, 2006 Where Hampton Beach Ocean Blvd Hampton, NH 03842 Notes blah blah removed for brevity in this example Submitted by XXXXX XXXXX (XXXXXX@nhwrestling.com). Clicking the event title will take you to the edit form for the event. Replies to this email will be forwarded to xxxxxxx@nhwrestling.com.
  7. Displaying Trumba calendar in SharePoint -YES!

    Just wondering, since SharePoint is a MSFT product, wouldn't it tie into Active Directory / calendaring system? I'm not to familiar with AD and whether or not central calendars are kept or if the calendars are client side only (in Outlook).
  8. Page timeout on emailing large # of recipients

    Ted told me this is probably far too large a list for you to support at this time and I shoul get an email mailing list package...which I have already, but I would have to send out weekly/monthly event listings by email by hand if I wanted to do this. Oh well. Sounded nice in theory, doesn't work for me in practice :/
  9. I have AdSense ads above my published/integrated calendar and as far as I can tell it is displaying relevant ads to my users...in fact it has increased clicks a bit even, I think. That particular placement generates enough revenue to cover the Trumba subscription pretty well.
  10. You could definitely parse/consume your own Trumba RSS feed into something search-engine friendly for your site.
  11. Can visitors submit events?

    No, it doesn't cost extra. My guess is that the feature is still "beta" technically, so I had to ask personally for instructions on how to set it up. And yes, it is possible to "proof" them, the way I have mine set up the events submitted by users end up on a "submitted" calendar. When I approve them, I move them to the "real" calendar, which is what I display on my site. I'm also guessing in the near future they will make this feature publicly (for paid accounts) available...in the meantime, ask for it.
  12. Can visitors submit events?

    It is! As far as I know the feature is only available for paying customers per request (they activate it for your account for you). I have it set up on my site, check it out ("submit your event") on the top right hand side of our site: http://www.masswrestling.com It works pretty great!
  13. flased based spuds

    On certain sites it's not allowed to embed things using javascript. Instead, you have to use flash objects, like YouTube does to stream video on MySpace webpages. My enhancement request is for flash-based spuds. I bet they could look real spiffy too!
  14. Calendar opens in same window ...

    Why not embed the calendar with an IFRAME and then set your truma_teaserBase to point to your embeded page? You can see this working on one of my sites that I publish my Trumba calendar on. http://usa.masswrestling.com More on this: http://forums.trumba.com/index.php?showtopic=495 http://forums.trumba.com/index.php?act=Sea...umba_teaserBase
  15. Be sure to set your teaserBase to the same page as your calendar of events: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> var trumba_teaserBase = "http://www.bsd-parishplan.co.uk/calendarofevents.html"; </script> More on this: http://forums.trumba.com/index.php?showtopic=495 http://forums.trumba.com/index.php?act=Sea...umba_teaserBase
  16. Change number of events displayed in spuds

    Meh. No biggie. My old proprietary event calendar that I wrote for my site had a "spud" or module if you will, that did something like that. I would change it's parameters depending on the time of year. My site focuses on wrestling as you might know so we have two seasons - in and off. In season there are no club practices, and everything operates through the state and high school level. In the off season independent clubs and organizations hold tournaments, and we focus on those heavily on the calendar. For example, in the "offseason", I would list next 5 events from one category and 3 from another: Upcoming Practices 5/23 Great White 5/24 Red Raiders 5/25 MA Elite 5/25 South Shore Club 5/26 North Shore Club Upcoming Tournaments 5/28 Dan Gable Series 6/4 NHSCA Qualifier 6/10 Fargo Nat'l Qualifier This way my community could see less important "close" events like practices, and also look forward to more important "far off" events like national tournament qualifiers that aren't for a few weeks. Then during the regular in-season I would make the module much smaller since club teams weren't having practices, so it would just look like this: Upcoming Events (All) 12/27 Marshwood Holiday Team Tourney 12/29 Lowell Holiday Invitational Tourney Probably not a high priority enhancement but that was how I had my "upcoming events spud" (in Trumba Lingua) set up.
  17. Change number of events displayed in spuds

    SWEET. I was going to request this. Now if only I could specify #events per mix-in! (3 from tournaments subcalendar, 3 from clinics subcalendar, etc)
  18. ICS calendar subscription

    Enhancement request works for me
  19. ICS calendar subscription

    I've modified my above post several times now, sorry bout that.
  20. ICS calendar subscription

    I'm on board with carrollcdc on this one. Take, for example, a calendar feed from a local news station website. In Google calendar, I can see this upcoming 5 day's weather as "events" as they happen. Since the ICS is dynamic and public, when the weather changes, the events change on my [Google] calendar. To have this kind event data on a Trumba calendar would require manual re-synching (Download public ICS by hand and then import to Trumba) every time I want the most recent weather updates as events on my calendar...which isn't something I am willing to do. Basically - by not having this kind of functionality, you're going against one of your own espousals of why customers would want to use Trumba: "Trumba offers [Web developers] flexibility and control for seamlessly integrating elegant and dynamic events calendars into clients' websites." You're not seamlessly integrating elegant and dynamic events when you can't overlay existing dynamic public calendars into your own Trumba calendar. Yes, there is a double meaning here, and Spuds do achieve this espousal, but not in completeness that you're going to have to have to win over more customers... So far your best selling point is being able to publish (beautiful) Trumba calendars on one's own websites. But one gets the data they want to publish on their websites from dynamic sources as well, they can't do that today with Trumba. EDIT: I'd be willing to pay for this feature
  21. Currently I have a very rudimentary "event calendar" on my website that I designed myself. I allow registered users of the website to submit events to the calendar if they wish... But I still want to be an "administrator" or "calendar owner" and be able to moderate user-submitted events to the calendar. Is this possible with a Trumba calendar? I want a much more intuitive interface for a calendar on my site than the current one I have designed. I really need to have people be able to add recurring events easily as well. like, "Every Monday and Tuesday in August". We have a very high website traffic level and this functionality would be a good replacement.