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  1. It is! As far as I know the Event Submission Form add-on is available. Contact Trumba Sales or Support and they activate it for your account for you. I have it set up on my site. It works great!
  2. Be sure to update the Datefinder code you have embedded and ensure the URL for the teaserBase is the URL for your main calendar on your webpage. You probably have the URL pointing to https://www.trumba.com/calendars/webname. More on this: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/spudfaq.aspx#tbase
  3. Meh. No biggie. My old proprietary event calendar that I wrote for my site had a "spud" or module if you will, that did something like that. I would change it's parameters depending on the time of year. My site focuses on wrestling as you might know so we have two seasons - in and off. In season there are no club practices, and everything operates through the state and high school level. In the off season independent clubs and organizations hold tournaments, and we focus on those heavily on the calendar. For example, in the "offseason", I would list next 5 events from one category and 3 from another: Upcoming Practices 5/23 Great White 5/24 Red Raiders 5/25 MA Elite 5/25 South Shore Club 5/26 North Shore Club Upcoming Tournaments 5/28 Dan Gable Series 6/4 NHSCA Qualifier 6/10 Fargo Nat'l Qualifier This way my community could see less important "close" events like practices, and also look forward to more important "far off" events like national tournament qualifiers that aren't for a few weeks. Then during the regular in-season I would make the module much smaller since club teams weren't having practices, so it would just look like this: Upcoming Events (All) 12/27 Marshwood Holiday Team Tourney 12/29 Lowell Holiday Invitational Tourney Probably not a high priority enhancement but that was how I had my "upcoming events spud" (in Trumba Lingua) set up.
  4. SWEET. I was going to request this. Now if only I could specify #events per mix-in! (3 from tournaments subcalendar, 3 from clinics subcalendar, etc)
  5. I've modified my above post several times now, sorry bout that.
  6. I'm on board with carrollcdc on this one. Take, for example, a calendar feed from a local news station website. In Google calendar, I can see this upcoming 5 day's weather as "events" as they happen. Since the ICS is dynamic and public, when the weather changes, the events change on my [Google] calendar. To have this kind event data on a Trumba calendar would require manual re-synching (Download public ICS by hand and then import to Trumba) every time I want the most recent weather updates as events on my calendar...which isn't something I am willing to do. Basically - by not having this kind of functionality, you're going against one of your own espousals of why customers would want to use Trumba: "Trumba offers [Web developers] flexibility and control for seamlessly integrating elegant and dynamic events calendars into clients' websites." You're not seamlessly integrating elegant and dynamic events when you can't overlay existing dynamic public calendars into your own Trumba calendar. Yes, there is a double meaning here, and Spuds do achieve this espousal, but not in completeness that you're going to have to have to win over more customers... So far your best selling point is being able to publish (beautiful) Trumba calendars on one's own websites. But one gets the data they want to publish on their websites from dynamic sources as well, they can't do that today with Trumba. EDIT: I'd be willing to pay for this feature
  7. Currently I have a very rudimentary "event calendar" on my website that I designed myself. I allow registered users of the website to submit events to the calendar if they wish... But I still want to be an "administrator" or "calendar owner" and be able to moderate user-submitted events to the calendar. Is this possible with a Trumba calendar? I want a much more intuitive interface for a calendar on my site than the current one I have designed. I really need to have people be able to add recurring events easily as well. like, "Every Monday and Tuesday in August". We have a very high website traffic level and this functionality would be a good replacement.
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