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  1. I just embedded a Trumba calendar into my blog and at first the dates with events were highlighted (and when clicked, went to the right page in Trumba). I did more fiddling to get other things right in the blog page and then realized that the calendar links were no longer highlighted. I went so far as to delete the calendar and recreate it but still, no links. Can you help? Thanks very much!
  2. Hi Jill! It was fun to test out the different views and that's when I realized that the link on the date finder spud (yes -- you are right -- I didn't know that was what it was called) appeared in every other view except news. If they ever change that I will switch to the news view -- it suits my purpose best. I don't know if this is the place for it, but thanks for a GREAT product! I've been looking for a calendar to embed into my new blog that a non-programmer can use and edit. I'm so excited to have found Trumba. Thanks! Amy
  3. I think I solved my own problem! I had chosen the "news" format for my calendar listings and it seems that with this format the dates aren't linked. I chose another format (list) and it works perfectly.