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  1. Page w/Crawler Hangs on Load

    Greetings Jill! Noticed this past week or so that when my index page loads, that the crawler is first displaying like the unedited code before it displays in the width and color that I edited it to display. Tonight at home on dial up, the page never finishes loading and the crawler never updates to show it with my customized width and color. Has anything changed about the code? Still loving my Trumba calendars! Cheers!
  2. Page w/Crawler Hangs on Load

    Thanks Jill! I'm going to put the crawler back on my VisitBristowOK.com website and see how it goes. Then I'll put it back on my BristowOK.org website. I really liked having it in place.
  3. Page w/Crawler Hangs on Load

    I've noticed that sometimes from some computers the page with the crawler spud hangs and never loads the page. In viewing my webstats, I'm finding that some visitors never went beyond the index page and weren't there long. I'm fearful that they might be having the hang-up problem. In viewing their statistics, I see that they had javascript disabled - could that be a reason the page wouldn't load? Is there some special code that needs put in the page for people that have javascript disabled? Also, my assistant has a thing about clearing her internet cache and cookies everyday (hmmm....maybe I should be in the office more....) and everytime she does that, the index page on our webpage will not load and hangs like it is trying to load the crawler but never gets it doen. However, I find that if I go directly to a calendar page first and then flip over to the index page - VOILA everything works. What could be the reason for that? Puzzled but loving the Trumba calendars.
  4. When I follow the instructions and replace the trumba_teasterBase link as described above, the webpage that the spud is embedded in refuses to load and locks up the browser requiring ctrl+alt+delete to get free. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Can't see embedded calendar

    I put the Marquee spud on the index page of two of my websites. They look beautiful and worked beatiful - from the machine I uploaded them to. However, other computers aren't able to open my index page and it locks up the browser forcing ctrl+alt+delete to get out of it. This didn't start occurring until the past few days. What could causing the problem? I love the marquee spuds and want to keep them... VisitBristowOK.com