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  1. Responsive Calendar Spud?

    Thanks Steve. The documentation does say otherwise. I'm looking at http://www.trumba.com/help/submitevent/submitformedit.aspx , and the section titled : Content in Notes and other multi-line text fields Here is a screen shot As you can see the "Insert picture" Icon is present. This would be fantastically helpful if this was available.
  2. Is the HTML editor that is now present for the Description field in events now coming to the notes section for email? It is a function long awaited to be able to embed graphics into the notes of the email, and also for editing the header and footer too.
  3. Responsive Calendar Spud?

    Hi Steve. This addition is great, however I only see it when I log into trumba. How do I have my visitors add a picture when they use the web form? example here http://wowkal.com/wowkal/?page_id=31
  4. I have a couple of FaceBook Fan Pages that I administer. I want to be able to add events to those fan pages from my Trumba events. When I open the trumba event and select "add to my calendar" I then select the Facebook option. Unfortunately this option only allows me to place the event within my profile, and not one of my FanPages. Can I please have some advise on how to achieve this?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. The promotion spud worked an absolute treat! www.wowkal.com
  6. I thought so. I have seen so many people ask for this feature within emails. I've been asking for it for years. As a result I'm using madmimi.com now for a lot of my emails, and just looking to see if I can embed Trumba promotion spud in there. No luck yet. Can I ask that you resubmit this request to devs ?
  7. Hi Steve I'm placing the <img> tag in the notes of the event. I want the image to display in the notes of the event when we send out the weekly email. Unfortunately the <img> code is displayed, not the pic. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks Soleil! Solves everything... except for the image attached to the event. If I could just add this I would be so happy. Any thoughts?
  9. Can anyone tell me if you have inline images working (<img>) in emails?
  10. knock knock... wondering if anyone from support is there.
  11. Wondering if anyone has had a chance to reply to this yet please.
  12. Hi all I am running multiple calendars for our community. I want to create a featured events calendar to put on the front page of our website. This calendar will haev a phot in each event, and will include events that go over multiple days or even weeks. I need a calendar spud view that will; 1. Show the photo 2. Only display the event once on the screen, not repeating to display it for the multiple days 3. Allow truncation of the notes - say 200 characters (allow user to click on it for full details) Any help would be most appreciated (I can do point 1)
  13. Hello all from Western Australia Just tested the <img> tag in notes, and was really excited. The help page says it works in emails, however when I tested, the image did not appear, only saw the <img> code. Can some one verify for me please? Cheers Kevin
  14. Hi guys from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. We really want to have a "Subcribe" spud on our site for people to be able to sign upto our calendar. Can you advise? Cheers Kevin
  15. Hi Steve This job is still as horrible as ever. It is a really poor bug to leave in the system, which I believe should be easily fixed. It's been a year now, can I have a response please?