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  1. Is the HTML editor that is now present for the Description field in events now coming to the notes section for email? It is a function long awaited to be able to embed graphics into the notes of the email, and also for editing the header and footer too.
  2. I have a couple of FaceBook Fan Pages that I administer. I want to be able to add events to those fan pages from my Trumba events. When I open the trumba event and select "add to my calendar" I then select the Facebook option. Unfortunately this option only allows me to place the event within my profile, and not one of my FanPages. Can I please have some advise on how to achieve this?
  3. Hi Steve I'm placing the <img> tag in the Description field of the event. I want the image to display in the Details of the event when we send out the weekly email. Unfortunately the <img> code is displayed, not the pic. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi all I am running multiple calendars for our community. I want to create a featured events calendar to put on the front page of our website. This calendar will haev a phot in each event, and will include events that go over multiple days or even weeks. I need a calendar spud view that will; 1. Show the photo 2. Only display the event once on the screen, not repeating to display it for the multiple days 3. Allow truncation of the notes - say 200 characters (allow user to click on it for full details) Any help would be most appreciated (I can do point 1)
  5. Just tested the <img> tag in notes, and was really excited. The help page says it works in emails, however when I tested, the image did not appear, only saw the <img> code. Can some one verify for me please? Cheers Kevin
  6. Hi guys from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. We really want to have a "Subcribe" spud on our site for people to be able to sign upto our calendar. Can you advise? Cheers Kevin
  7. Hi Steve This job is still as horrible as ever. It is a really poor bug to leave in the system, which I believe should be easily fixed. It's been a year now, can I have a response please?
  8. Hi Steve I dont receive an error message. My issue is this; 1. I preview my weekly email and change the text that appears at the top of the calendar. 2. Whilst performing 1. Ieach week I will notice that approx 30 new people have subscribed to our email. I keep the distrubution list tidy by having all people added to a distribution group. This way I see all the new email addresses on the left hand side of the email edit window, below my single distribution group. 3. I then click on the link to edit the group, with the intention of adding all these new subscribers to the group. 4. I open the edit group window, and see all the new subscribers in the window on the left. 5. I scroll through this list on the left, manually selecting the checkbox next to every email address (this is where I need a select all option) 6. I then click the button add to group 7. The page waits for about 15 secs 8. The page refreshes having only added some addresses, or none at all. No error is displayed 9. I then manually start selecting the new subscribers again, a few at a time and hitting the submit button. 10. By selecting only a few at a time they add correctly. 11. This takes a long time and is a horrid job. Sorry for the "sucking eggs" report but I'm trying to paint the picture for you as to exactly what I'm doing here. If it helps I will record and post on you tube? Kevin
  9. Just to ask for an update on this topic please. I have about 30 new people per week subscibe to our email newsletter. To add them to our distribution group, I edit the group, and have to manually tick every new user. This si a real pain - why dont we have a "Select All" option Also, I keep getting errors when ticking the emails and trying to add them. I have to resort to only selecting one or two addresses at a time, then clicking "Add to Group" This process has been buggy for over a year now and needs to be fixed please. A response for this one would be appreciated.
  10. Can we include pictures in the scheduled email we send out each week? Have attached some photos to events, but not seeing the images in the email. Would be awesome if we could do it.
  11. You know how us Aussies and you Yanks have date formats all upside down - you guys like the month first, we like the day first. Can you alter date formats to display ddMMMyy ie: 27AUG07? It is causing us to get gripes from our users. The upcoming events spud is one place I REALLY need this.
  12. ello ello, I thought I'd try to clarify this a bit, as it is a bit of a pain. On the pic below you can see the calender spud, which restricts how far the events can span across the page. It really is horrible, can we not have this above the calender in the email, so that the email events can span across 100% of the window? Looks really messy.
  13. Hi Jill When editing a distribution list, I am presented with a window with 2 side by side boxes. The right box lists all the current members of the list. The left box lists all members of the address book who are not on the list. This includes people who have subscibed to my weekly email. I regularly add these people to my distribution list. To do this I have to edit my list then tick every box for every member in the left windo. It would be helpful if there was an option which said "select all"
  14. Hello again Can we have an option to select all addresses on the left hand window when editing an email group please? Regards Kevin
  15. Hi girls I would like to remove the "Calender Colors" legend that is appearing in the weekly emails that I'm sending out. Actually I would prefer to put it above or below the calender, but not at the right side as it really messes up the preview in Outlook. Cheers Kev in Kalgoorlie West Oz
  16. I'm having an issue with our upcoming events link. I have upcoming promotion spud embedded. When I click on the "See All" link it navigates to the Trumba hosted page and not the calendar page on my site.
  17. Thanks for that Adam. We will alter our procedures to remove from both in futue until upgrade comes out.
  18. Hi Im a bit confused in adding and removing addresses from the address book and distribution lists. If I add an address to a dist group, it adds to the address book. If I remove it from the address book, it remains in the dist list. If I remove from the dist list, it remains in the address book. Behaviour I'd expect is when deleting from the address book, that it removes from all dist lists. Please advise if a bug or if Im using incorrectly. Cheers Kevin
  19. I have subscribers submitting their own events to an approval calendar. Many of them submit an event repeating on a daily basis which I need to change to a weekly or monthly basis. I cant see where to edit this setting without having to retype the entire event.
  20. Hi guys I've been reviewing the posts on the new spuds, and some excellent examples already out there. But I cant use many of the list views. They dont work. Why? The date format is back to front for me and half the western world Please treat this as a priority. Even if you change all the formats to Jul 05 2006. I have wanted to use many of the views available, but am basically limited to the 5 week or month views. Are there any other non US users out there experiencing this issue too? Cheers Kevin (PS - Love Trumba ... but fix the dates )
  21. Can I receive an email notification everytime someone subscribes to my Calender email? Cheers Kevin
  22. I need a way to synchronize or download my address book / distribution list so that I can keep it backed up. Is it possible to do this with Calendar Sync? Also, when sending an email, how do I quickly deselect all so that I can send an email only to a handful of addresses. With approx 300 in my list it is not viable to untick them all.
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