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  1. Okay, after some frustration, and basically throwing a dart while blindfolded - IT WORKED!!! And then...it stopped working. When I add the code, save, and close notepad and do all my refreshes - it doesn't stick. The code disappears. I'm so close!!! What step am I missing?
  2. My apologies once again for seeming so daft. I really am trying to put it all together in my head. At what point do I edit the html of the calendar? Well, I guess what I mean is do I do it at the trumba page of my calendar, or do I do it somewhere on my website? I went to my trumba calendar page and did a File > Edit with MS Word...but that was a bit overwhelming, and it opened as "read only." Maybe I'm just waiting until it's too late at night to think about these things...
  3. Hi Jill, I appreciate all the help. I'm a total newbie to this, so forgive me for sounding dense - where do I go to change that color? Or more appropriately, where is my .css file? Andrea
  4. Hi - I went through the suggestions, and can toggle certain colors, but here's the true problem I'm having. I don't mind if the calendar itself isn't black in background, it's when I open the event - that's where the trouble lies. For example. on the Trumba calendar, if I click on the event, I can read it due to the fact that the background is white and the lettering is black: However, if I open an event on my website calendar, I only see the following: How can I change this portion...or can I?
  5. I just created a calendar (Trumba was recommended by my hosting site) and put it on the site with no problem. However, when I click on an event, I don't get to see the "When" and "where" details. My site background is black, and this font is also in black. Can I do anything about this (i.e. change the text to white), or will I just have to forego the calendar until such time as the website is completely re-done? Thanks!
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