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  1. I miss the good ol' days when the community forum was really a community . . .

  2. Also, with recurring events, you could make the opening night and closing night featured events and have seperate categories for "opening" and "closing". That would allow you to set up other spuds just for openings and closings.
  3. You're right - I forgot about that! (I use the performance schedule option on my theater page, but the default view is list.) You can try using the list view and set it to display only the events for the current day. That's the only solution that comes to mind right now.
  4. It looks like the cost is $50 monthly.
  5. I just want to be able to post to my wall and include my permalink that will also allow me to include an image and the event text. Currently, a posted hyperlink includes no event text, rather the following displays: Adding an item as a FB event is hardly better. Not only is insufficient detail/image included with the event posting, but I'm required to take a second step to post it to my wall when all I want is to post the Trumba event to my wall (i.e., I'm not interested in creating a FB event).
  6. The FB share option is kinda cool, except not all customized fields are populated in the event that is created. And, actually, I'm less interested in creating a "Facebook event" and more interested in posting the "Trumba event" information to my wall. Currently, when I post the event permalink to my wall, it's pretty bland because the event image isn't included. Is it possible to change that?
  7. Sorry to interrupt, but I'm a Giant lover, too! Me and my girlfriend Grace (sometimes dis-Grace) Soleil! Unfortunately, you can only get SKUM schedule to appear in the subject line of the email messages by naming your calendar SKUM schedule. Here's another option. Would you be any more comfortable having the From line say SKUM calendar? If you name the calendar SKUM calendar, the preview and the email will show SKUM calendar in the subject line and SKUM calendar will appear in the From line. Or choose any other calendar name that you would be comfortable seeing in both the From and subject line. Maybe SKUM events? Sorry you can't control those two lines separately. Connie
  8. I think the option would be nice both with ongoing events and single day events. In the case of ongoing, yes - they might give some sort of review. But, even with single day events, a user browsing the calendar might see something interesting coming up and might want to comment about it, e.g., sounds cool, I love this group, etc. It could be similar to the options you have in Facebook (comment, like, show feedback). Goldstar (www.goldstar.com) also provides a lot of options for user interaction. You might have to create an account to take a look. Also, their share on Facebook seems to automatically populate the Facebook fields (including the event image).
  9. I wrote a little while ago about including a feature that allows users to comment on and rank events (which is a common feature with other event calendars). Any movement on this?
  10. I've come across a number of sites that allow users to post comments relating to events. I want that feature, too!
  11. Sorry - Maybe I should have referred to the "Add Event" page on Trumba. What I'm looking for is text wrapping in the event detail view. So, currently, we have an option to position the event detail image to the center, left or right, but we do not have the option to wrap the text around the image in the event detail view. Rather, the image appears in a separate column, frequently leading to awkward paragraph formatting. I had the same issue with including the map in the event detail, which is why I no longer include it.
  12. Is it possible to get an option in the event submission form that will allow option to have image "float" left or right? Currently, the image is inserted as a new column, which causes poor text formatting.
  13. I've got a ton of stored images and would love to delete some of them. It would be real helpful if a field for the date of last use was included on the manage image page so that I'd know which images are appropriate to delete. To expedite the process of deleting images, it would also be helpful to be able to sort images by name, date and size and to be able to select multiple items for deletion. Alternatively, maybe Trumba could automatically delete any images that haven't been used for a year. Any plans for something like this?
  14. Am I missing something or should "permalink" really be labeled "tempalink"? Two days ago, the permalink worked fine in my current draft newsletter with constant contact. Today, the tempalink takes me to the event listing page, rather than the event detail.
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