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  1. I noticed the calendar spud on the trumba.com homepage. When you click on the event, it takes you to NY times, not trumba.com. However, on my calendar spuds, it goes to trumba.com. I'm guessing NY times paid for some custom devleopment? I'm curious about this, because I'd like to do the same with other vendors who might be hosting my calendar. Thanks Jacob
  2. I'm so excited to have found this product, it seems like it's the cure my website needs. I own an online event guide, sorted by locality (New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc.) Here's what I need: 1. Ability for my visitors to be able to submit events through a form to any of the local calendars 2. Ability for me, the owner, to review all submissions before they are actually published. Is this possible with this product? Thanks Jacob
  3. I just embedded a test calendar into a web page. Everything looks good, but when I "view source code" all the calendar information is javascript, which is not good for search engines. Any other solutions? Thanks Jacob
  4. Hi Jill Any idea when I might hear back from the partners group?
  5. Hi Singular Good points. You would probably like the Forums of sitepoint.com. They have lots of excellent tips on search engine optimization. Jacob
  6. Can visitors submit events?

    A nice feauture would be if we could get a parenthesis with the number of events currently awaiting approval, so that way I know which calendars to look at. Example: Submitted (4)
  7. Hi Connie Actually I sent it through whatever email was provided for the partners.
  8. Hi Jill, Connie I sent a request to the email on the site to inquire about some development of the application to make it so the content is actually integrated onto my site and search engine friendly without using javascript. I've not heard back, do you know when I might hear back? I'm looking for costs. Thanks Jacob
  9. Can visitors submit events?

    oh thank you so much Jill! I can't wait to get started! Thanks Jacob
  10. Yeah, that's a way to do it, but I still need a search engine-friendly calendar. Making it search engine friendly is the most holistic solution, rather than accommodating work-arounds that can be tedious to maintian over time. That type of technique is also known as "cloaking" and can get you in trouble with SEO. Sites have been banned from search engines for doing that. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Can visitors submit events?

    Hey Jill About how long does it take normally to get this feature setup on my account? I sent in my request yesterday, just curious. Thanks Jacob
  12. Now that I think about it, since the RSS feed wouldn't do everything, I'll open up some communication with their development team about making the embedded calendars search friendly. I'm even willing to pay for development work. I operate an online event guide that is ad-supported (using AdSense), so if the embedded calendars aren't search friendly, then I'm hit with a double wammy. 1) The lack of additional indexed search-friendly content will prevent new organic traffic 2) Without the text about the event information, AdSense will not populate the best ads, it relies solely on content of the page to generate releveant ads.
  13. yeah, that's what i was thinking, however, the RSS feeds dont actually have all the event details accounted for in the tag structure, so it wouldn't do everything.
  14. Hmmm, I really need to find a way to solve for this one. My site reles on the content to generate traffic, so without it, it would be hard to increase traffic. I noticed there are RSS feeds for the calendars, this may be away around that, I'll look at that tonight. Has anyone tried this?
  15. any ideas what's causing the extra space above the calendar? Works fine in FireFox, but IE is showing extra space. http://www.bouncingdragon.com/moonwalk-ren...lity/index.html
  16. Can visitors submit events?

    Yes, they were thanks! I'm so excited, this is the solution I've been looking for. Jacob
  17. Can visitors submit events?

    Thanks Connie, I just signed up for a premium account and sent a request through the online form per the instructions. Thanks Jacob
  18. Can visitors submit events?

    Jill, if I sign-up for a premium account will you guys be able to setup the same for me? Thanks Jacob
  19. Can visitors submit events?

    That's awesome! Did it cost extra? Also, are you able to proof the events before they go live on the site? Sometimes I want to edit incase of things like mispellings.