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  1. Actually, I've been doing this for a short while. It's better than having to select each time but it's also inconvenient to open two files and then copy and paste. Thanks for logging the request. Keep up the good work. Trumba is really great.
  2. I have set up a form on my web site to collect the data to import. The field names I use on my form is different than those in Trumba since the purpose is not totally analogous. Currently I need to remap each field each time I import a file. This is quite a nuisance to do this each time. I would like to suggest that once the fields of the import file is matched with Trumba's fields, we would have the opportunity to save this match and then to load it up the next time. java script:emoticon('', 'smid_3')
  3. Thanks. I'm glad you used your admin powers. I was a bit apprehensive when I did include the email address. Thanks for the advise and I'd appreciate any findings.
  4. I have at least one email address I know is valid. In fact, I have tested it on two email testers to verify that the address is correct. However, when the scheduled emails are sent, I notice that the email address has been flagged as "an address to which we’ve been unable to send email one or more times." Would you know why this happens? One of these email addresses is [address edited out by Jill]. Could it be that the network/firewall at [domain edited out] is stopping the delivery? Frank
  5. java script:emoticon('', 'smid_11') :oI have successfully set up a list of upcoming events using the Performance Schedule template. With this template, I can change the labels for the fields, e.g. "Price-High" to "Price," or "Ticket Web Link" to "Flyer," etc. Additionally, if one clicks on the date to see the details, the modified labels appear. I just realized I can't change these labels on a Monthly View of the calendar. If one clicks on an event to view the details, the original labels appear. Of course, there is no way to change the labels on a Monthly template as there is on the Performance Schedule template. At the minimum, it would be nice to use the Performance Schedule labels even if the Montly template is used. Frank
  6. I frequently use the Performance Schedule view for a list of events; however I notice that this view does not include the DAY with the DATE. One the List view, the day appears. It would be great to include the day of the week with the date for the Performance Schedule view I know the Dates: at the end of each "performance" has the day. Why not have it at the top?
  7. I noticed that there are fields for Submitter name, phone and email address on the event submission form; however, I don't see these fields available to be placed on the calendar with the event when the event is displayed. Actually, it would be great to have these fields available, particularly since there is no Contact or Ticket Email Address.
  8. Initially, I was able to add map links but not for the past week or so. Whenever I click on the link to add maps, a new browser window opens but instead of finding the link, the browser window remains blank and the Address field shows "about blank" Regards, Frank
  9. For now, I've switched to List and that seems to keep everything to the current week. Not quite as good as Performance, but at least it's current.
  10. The page, http://www.trumba.com/help/pubmpg.html, didn't really seem to help. First, I don't seem to see either paging or grouping options on the publishing pages. There is the Mix In, Filters and Event Actions, but no info for setting the page. Do you change the default page within the <script> and, if so, what is the procedur.
  11. As I went back to view my Web site (I had Upcoming Events in the Performance Schedule template). I noticed that all my events are showing, not just the upcoming events. I also noticed that there is no field in the Publication mode to check between All and Future events. Has this option been removed? If so, I believe we should have that option returned. I know you now have the Upcoming Events Spud and the Crawler but the Performance Schedule provides more information than the upcoming spuds. Also, I use an iframe for the Performance Schedule and all activity is enclosed within the iframe whereas the upcoming or crawler spuds takes you to the Trumba site (or another page on one's Web site. Any comments? Thanks
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