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  1. Hi Jill... Thanks for the quick feedback. I'm happy to wait a day. Not only is this calendar embedded in the Gold Beach Chamber website...it is embedded in Chamber Member websites. I would want just the main events coming up as a default on all embedded calendars...with all due respect I don't care about the Trumba published calendar...I try to keep folks from getting there. They go off site when they go to the published Trumba calendar. I appreciate the quick and excellent service. -Jim Coffee-
  2. Hello... I manage the calendar for the Gold Beach Chamber. The way that we have this set up is multiple calendars are mixed into the master calendar...the master calendar is published. When the master calendar is viewed by default all events are visible. I would like to have just the 'major event' calendar display...with the viewer able to mix in other calendars as desired. Is this possible? Thanks -Jim Coffee- ps: I love this product.
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