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  1. Sure Jill! 99% of the classes we offer have a fee. Currently, we put the class cost in the Location field so it shows up near the top, and in the Upcoming Events spud. see: http://www.trumba.com/calendars/uofvas_calendar However, since we really like how the class cost shows up in the Upcoming Events spud, we would continue to use the Location field for this information unless a new Price field also shows up there as well.
  2. Hey Trumba folks! I don't suppose you could add a Price field in the Education template could you? Andrea Kalli
  3. If you are like me, you live in Outlook...all day long. If you are also like me, you access various websites on a regular basis to see what's going on. But some of these website you actively participate in or maintain. For example, I visit the Trumba site several times a day to see what's new in the forums. Most importantly, I update our Trumba calendar regularly. To save time, what would be easier than accessing the Trumba site directly from within Outlook instead of launching it in your browser? Here's how: Outlook Folder Home Pages 1) Open Outlook, create a new folder (right click on your Personal Folder, New Folder) and give it an appropriate name, such as Trumba website. Click OK. 2) Right click on this new folder, Properties, Home Page, type in the url www.trumba.com, check the box "show home page by default for this folder", Click OK. Next time you need to update your Trumba calendar or visit the Trumba forum, click on the folder in your Outlook. The Trumba website is displayed in the Outlook window. You'll see a new Web toolbar which allows you to go Back, Stop, Refresh, just as in your browser. Just a little time saver I thought everyone would enjoy. Andrea Kalli
  4. Hey Jill, That's an absolutely fine solution. Either the correct email address in the RSVPs or the email address on the Event Invitation tab will work great. Thanks so much! Andrea
  5. Hi Jill, Any idea if you guys will add the email address of the attendees to the Event Invitation? We would be able to do a quick copy/paste of people who signed up for a class, and at least that's something that would make our work easier when assembling a participant list. Andrea
  6. We are also experiencing this. It's obviously by design at this moment, but this sure makes it awkward for us to do our job when putting together an accurate list of attendees for each class, without having to take the extra steps of signing into our Trumba account, going to the event invitation tab, adding those people to the address book, hoping you can match the name of the person with the correct email address listed in the address book....etc. I sure hope you guys see how much easier it would be if you could simply put the actual email address of the person in the RSVP emails that get sent to us once they sign up. Is it a security issue? Is that the reason for the "secret coded" email address? Something that may help, on the event invitation tab, why don't you guys put the email addresses of the people in the list of people attending. Personally, I'd rather have the email addresses instead of the comments...if it's a space issue. Andrea
  7. Here's something that would come in handy... The ability to post multi-day events that allow you to specify the hours for each day the event will be taking place. For example, there's a 3 day event from August 1st to August 3rd at 12pm to 2pm on each of those days. Currently, this gets displayed as August 1st 12pm to August 3rd 2pm. We know what that means, but the users might not realize that the event takes place for 2 hours on each of those days. Am I wrong here? For even greater flexibilty, to be able to specify different times for each of those dates, such as August 1st 12pm to 2pm, August 2nd 1pm to 3pm, and August 3rd 11am to 1pm. Still the same event, just being held at different times on each of the days of the event. And what about a multi-day event that takes place over a couple of weeks, but in non-consecutive days? Any thoughts on this? It would be ideal to set these up as multi-day events as opposed to separate events, we are trying to avoid multiple Sign Up buttons for an event that lasts more than one day. Andrea
  8. Hi everyone. For those curious about the whole Trumba calendar on a SharePoint site thing, it completely replaced the static SharePoint calendar we had on there before. We decided to put this on a SharePoint site because we can easily password protect different areas of the site for each specific student, such as Student Assignments. Each student receives their own custom username and password that the SharePoint server automatically provides and emails to them. The main page is open to all and has anonymous access, therefore no login is required to see and interact with the Trumba calendar. From the Trumba calendar they can sign up for the class and click the link in the Ticket Web Link field to pay for the class. We are sooo happy with this solution! Andrea Kalli
  9. Thanks Jill. I didn't know the keywords would not show up on the embedded calendar. Thanks for the heads up! Andrea
  10. Is it my imagination, or did you guys change your solution to accomodate multi-day events by only making the "Sign up" button available on the first day of the event? Andrea
  11. I'm curious...what's the purpose of displaying your calendar keywords on the published calendar? I do want my calendar to be searchable with keywords, but I don't necessarily want those keywords to be displayed to users who visit my calendar. Andrea
  12. I'm just wondering...is it possible to set up default text for the various events we offer? For example, we have a series of classes we teach over and over again. Ideally, we would like to be able to pick from a list of custom templates (one for each class topic) we created that would have all the information included...except for the date of course. This would keep us from having to use copy/paste every time we set up the class offerings for the upcoming quarter.
  13. I hear ya! I need to think a little more about how the workflow process will go. Something in my favor is that when someone signs up, the next step I have to take anyway is to invite them to the web meeting. All of our classes are online and we use GoToMeeting for the actual event. When they get the meeting invite from me with the GoToMeeting info, it's set up as a recurring event and will set it up automatically on thier calendar for all the days of the event. So I think this takes care of that problem. All we are using Trumba for is to 1) show people when a class is or when a workshop starts, 2) set a max number of attendees that can sign up, 3) allow people to reserve thier spot in the class, 4) provide the necessary contact information such as name and email address, 5) and direct them to the url of our website with the PayPal buttons so they can pay for the class by using the Ticket Web Link field. Overall, I think it should work fairly smoothly. We'll see....I'm keeping my figures crossed. We are still testing it all to see if the process will accomplish what I believe it will. Thanks for you help. Andrea
  14. We have events that are more like multi-day workshops. They are for 1-2 hours a day for 6 days, or for 3 days. We set them up as open invitation with a maximum number of people who can sign up for the entire workshop. Right now what I did was to create the recurring event to cover the days and dates for the workshop. I added the "Days of workshop" information to it in Notes, then deleted all but the first day of each workshop series. I did this because I don't want any overbooking to occur. I want the same people who signed up for the workshop to attend each day of the workshop. Is this the best practice, or am I missing a simpler way to accomplish it? Andrea
  15. While you can display either your Outlook calendar or an Exchange Server public calendar in the CEWP (Content Editor Web Part) on a SharePoint page, the functionality I'm raving about is the ability to allow outside people to register for an event you are hosting and have it done directly from your SharePoint site. I'm not sure how you would set that up to allow the same functionality as easily or as less complicated. Andrea