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  1. dates not linked in embedded calendar

    Sorry! I see. It's the 'list' format that works. Thanks.
  2. Links from calenadar do not work

    I have found the solution to make it work. There is the same topic posted by amyb, and it works if using 'list' as a format. Although there still are some problems, Trumba calendar is better than other sites I have used.
  3. dates not linked in embedded calendar

    Hi amyp, Could you let me know which format does work for your web site? I have tried two of them, table and classic month, but they do not work. Thank you very much. ThaiNeurology
  4. Hello, I have embedded my calendar to my web site. However, when I clicked at the date links to see the details of that dates, there is nothing showing up. The web page dose not change, but it seems that the javascript interfere my google ads. You can view my site at www.thaineurology.com. After I clicked at the date 13, the browser shows http://www.thaineurology.com/?trumbaEmbed=...ologys_calendar, but the web page does not change. I have tried changing the format of calender from table to classic month. The problem is sill the same. Thank you in advance for your helps. ThaiNeurology.