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  1. I help to maintain calendars for two organizations. On the paid organization's site I have successfully displayed the list of calendars available for mixing in, so that a viewer can deselect calendars and thereby filter the items shown. Good so far. For the second organization, I've recommended Trumba and we're using the free trial in anticipation of going live (and paid) very soon. On this calendar, I cannot seem to get the list of mix-ins to display. I've tried both settings (yes and no) on the published calendar configuration settings, and I've tried viewing the publsihed calendar in several views. It occurred to me that the problem may be related to using the free version....yet I never had this problem with my other organization's calendar before we bought the license. Any suggestions on why I can't see the list of mixed-calendars? NOTE: We do not use spuds. Instead, we've chosen to send links to the published calendar to our members, who can follow the link or subscribe to the calendar. The new organization does not yet have its own website, so spuds are irrelevant for now. But this is also how we use the first organization's calendar...with no problem.
  2. I love the way that website URLs autofill to make reuse easy. What I'd REALLY love would be for locations to have the same behavior. Auto-filled locations would save me a tremendous amount of time and work. I'm hoping to find that the feature is already there, and I just don't know how to invoke it.
  3. Can I change the default duration for events? It defaults to 1 hour, but most of my events are posted with no specific duration and I typically change the druation to zero. I'd like to make that the default. Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much, Jill. The answers to your questions are: Yes, listed in the mix-ins but not appearing in the published output. But thanks to your help I discovered that they were gone by step 2 of the wizard because they had somehow been turned off in step 3. (Because everything has been working so well, I haven't been stepping through all the steps of the wizard.) I turned them back on, republished, and my missing calendar is back once more. THANK YOU
  5. I publish a main calendar that has multiple sub-calendars mixed in. Until recently, all were being published correctly. I must have inadvertently "unpublished" one of the sub-calendars, and although it is still listed as one of my mix-ins, it is not actually being published along with the main calendar and its other mix-ins. How can I "turn it back on" so to speak?
  6. Is it possible to modify the Table view of my published calendar to include a column showing the day of the week for each event?
  7. I'd like to add that I encountered the same issue on a Mac pasting text from an email that was encoded as HTML. Even after copy/pasting the text into TextEdit (a Mac text editor) and resaving it before pasting back into the calendar, I still had the same error. I found that the problem was two apostrophes in the message. After retyping them directly in the calendar the message was accepted.
  8. I'm using the monthly calendar template, and of course I can't seem to duplicate the problem. The effect I was seeing was like this: Line sadfasdfsadfkjs df';kdfm ;sdfjonsdfl sd'fk Line sdf;kjdf'l df/lksadjf sdjn sdlf sdfjn f/lms f d Line dsf;kjdlkmna;ln /sadknd lfsd/lfkm s'dlkfm sdf'ksdfkljsdf 'pfjmpigjm fgl;ksfposdjf jsfpgiojfg psd Line dfoir'r vcmslnefvl/ 'poirdj n/.slkfv d/lfkjd fogjkn /vlzn ;oihv d;oflkgndf ;vmz'pxijv a;sofgn af'v Line dsfkj s/lfn /lfvijds;ofvnsd'/flkvm f'ofivj vf Line fvopirmjv df/lkvmsdf;oivnmdf vl;fdkvm dfp I actually prefer shorter lines of text, as they are a bit easier to read online. But the default behavior of Trumba is to fill the entire available space with unbroken lines of text. This's fine; I can deal with that. My problem was the inconsistency of the line lengths. But after manually removing all of the (apparently invisible) end of line characters, I've got it all displaying with uniformly long lines. I hope this makes some sense, and I'm sorry that I didn't retain a copy of the file before making the corrections manually. If it's possible, I would like a way to control the width of lines in the description. But I can certrainly live with the longer lines if necessary.
  9. Is there a way--other than entering <BR> tags--to control the line width of text that is pasted into the description field? I find that the published activities sometimes wind up with unexpected line widths: some at a reasonably and expected width, but others that do not wrap until the full width of the display area is exhausted.
  10. I'd like to change the name of the folder to which my calendar is published from http://www.trumba.com/calendars/pjvoice_test to http://www.trumba.com/calendars/pjvoice ...but I can't find where to make such a change. Would it be necessary to create a new account using the new path, and then export/import the calendar's data? If there's a more direct way, please advise. Thanks.
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