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  1. I heard back from our IT department much quicker than I expected and they were able to show me how to setup a .htaccess file that enables the UTF-8 encoding statements in my source code for pages to work. So, they didn't have to change a global server configuration, but rather just help set me up with a .htaccess file that has a command that allows my site to use a different encoding without affecting the other sites on the server at all.
  2. I have an interesting issue. Right now I am working to implement a calendar spud onto a webpage of our site. Our university web server is running Apache and with the current configuration, it is ignoring my source code declaration to use UTF-8 (instead it forces all pages to Western European encoding). The only noticeable display issue I have noticed is that when I roll over the titles of mixed in sub-calendars it displays this weird character in the text that pops up. I know ideally Trumba suggests UTF-8 encoding for everything to display correctly. I know one concern our IT Dept had though was that the server supports many department websites and if they make a global configuration change if it would break/cause display errors for the other non-UTF-8 sites. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for how an Apache web server should be configured to allow UTF-8 webpages but also default to the Western European encoding if there is no declaration? I know our IT department is very busy with various projects and so I wanted to try to provide them with as much information as I could to not drain their time. Right now all of the sites on the server use the Western European encoding and so they want to be careful to make sure that making my site work doesn't cause unintended display errors on the other sites.
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