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  1. Hi Jill, Thanks soooo much for the help. That worked great, and I must say that I and our entire district and community love the new event calendar. We've had a great deal of positive feedback as well as inquiries from other school districts. I'm sending them your way. Have a Wonderful Week(end)...Lee
  2. Hi, I've place several calendar spuds on the calendar page of our web site, but I've just noticed that the Add to My Calendar and E-mail Reminder buttons don't seem to be on that page. I realize that users can add to their calendar with the little icon to the left of each event, but it's really the E-mail Reminder button that I can't seem to get on the page. Those buttons are at the top of the calendar page when it's on the Trumba server. The URL that I want it on is http://www.pampaisd.net/CalendarTrumba.html. Thanks...Lee
  3. Hi, I love the spuds that can be put on web pages but need the ability to customize to fit the look of the page. For example, on the "Upcoming Events", can I customize to match the background and font colors? In the crawler and the upcoming events, how can I cause the link to the event to open into a new window? All external links on my site open a new window, so my site is not replaced. Thanks...Lee
  4. My high school has a primary calendar, and I've set up a "Sports" subcalendar. The campus secretary manages the primary (whole campus) calendar, while the athletic director's secretary manages the "Sports" calendar. Is it possible for the athletic secretary to access just the "Sports" subcalendar with a different password from the main calendar? Thanks in advance....Lee
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