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  1. Over the past couple of weeks, we've been having trouble logging in, even though we have the correct username and password. Even after I delete cache and cookies, I'm unable to login in one browser (redirects back to the login screen), but then I can immediately open another browser and login successfully. Would you please let me know what more you need to troubleshoot this? (I've had it work both ways - can't login in FF, can login in IE and vice-versa, for instance.)
  2. The owning calendar for this event was deleted before we started deleting the event. Now, it will only allow us to delete each individual event one at a time - not the entire series.
  3. Hi Jill, Thanks for the further investigation and troubleshooting. Well, wouldn't you know it, when I tried the Seattle Library it worked and then I tried my own and it worked, too! Just like taking your car to the mechanic... For now, looks like we're OK. If it starts acting up again I'll clear my cache first and see if I can change any settings. Hopefully, I'm set now. Thanks so much! Sara :-)
  4. Hi Jill, You're right that I'm in FF - that latest version, as far as I can remember. I have probably defaulted it before to give me the choice of Google homepage or Google reader - I just get those 2 options now when I subscribe to a feed and my only choice is to click one of them. I always choose my Google reader, which is what I did this time. And that's what resulted in the "untitled" and empty feed. Thanks for going down the path of discovery with me! Sara
  5. Hi Jill, Thanks so much for the (as always) quick response and instructions. It works perfectly when I do it this way. However, when I tried to put it into GR by clicking the RSS button in the published calendar, it didn't work - that's what I was doing before. Any ideas? Thanks!! Sara
  6. Hi, I published a calendar publicly and it allows me to subscribe via RSS feed with my Google reader. However, when it shows up in my GR, it shows it as untitled and doesn't have anything in it - completely empty. What am I missing? my published calendar is www.trumba.com/calendars/NewfieldWebSchedule Thank you, Sara
  7. I've run out of colors for my sub-calendars! I want more choices than I have in the dropdown menu when I add a new calendar or edit the settings of an existing one. I'm fine with finding my own HEX codes if there is a way to customize.
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